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In The Light




SAM_1419Fossil cardigan, thrifted dress (Value Village), HUE tights, Doc Martens boots

Whenever the sun breaks through the clouds I jump for joy.


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Another Toe

SAM_0933Fossil cardigan, Anthro dress, Hansel from Basel tights, OTBT booties



I was looking though my Stylefile board on Pinterest and I was struck by how similar my outfit was one that I’d pinned ages ago:

gabifreshGabi Fresh

I’d KILL for that bag, btw.

The Pixies put out a new EP recently and I’m really loving it, especially this song:


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SAM_0708Thrifted dress, Sock Dreams socks, OTBT booties, Fossil pumps, Gee WaWa boots

Today in I Can’t Stop Collecting Dresses News: Say hello to my other $2 find. I love its loud pattern and bronze buttons!

It was a bit big for me, so I had it taken in. And now? Perfection. The only thing that could make this dress better is pockets.


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Red, White and Blue All Over


Target cardigan, Fossil shirt, JCrew skirt, HUE tights, Happy Socks socks, Gee WaWa boots, Pyrrha necklace

twoarrowsA close-up of my new arrow hairpins. Man, I love Redux. Aren’t these puppies cute? Thinking of going back for the pink pair as well.

More things that I love:

1. Honey Hemp Conditioner by Oyin Handmade

It makes my hair feel and smell yummy.

2. Old Chevy/Ford Pick-Up Trucks


I saw this sweet thing on a walk with the boys. NEED.

3. Making dresses into skirts


4. Danny Castellano

My sister Bethany and I can’t get enough of The Mindy Project, mostly because of Danny and his ability to be awesome at every turn. He’s everything Mindy needs in life, why can’t she SEE that? LOVE that guy.

Also, we’ll talk later about how I want to raid Mindy’s closet. Fictional Mindy. Actually, real Mindy too.



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I dream of Giraffe with the long, long neck

Mmmm, dresses.

Cooperative Liz Dress – Urban Outfitters

Lucy dress – Fossil


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Dappled Donna

Fossil cardigan, Gap dress (Buffalo Exchange), thrifted belt, Biviel t-straps, self-made monocle necklace

I feel like Donna Reed in this dress.

Has anyone seen my bigger knife?

Coincidentally, I just did a GRIP of laundry yesterday. But not in this dress. On my stay home days during the week, there’s no way I would be wearing this dress to do laundry and clean things. Because that’s just stupid. I stay in black sweatpants and a shapeless top (the easier to breastfeed in). I’m usually covered in drool (River’s) and possibly boogers (also River’s). Sometimes I even forget to brush my teeth. Kids, it’s not a pretty sight. Not like perfectly coiffed Donna up there.

Oh, Donnas.

Go on and break me off. BREAK ME OFF!


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Ma Nature’s Lyrical


Thrifted shirt (Little Edie’s), Anthropologie dress, Fossil pumps, Thrifted gladstone bag (Ebay)

Lately I can’t get enough of flower patterns and these Fossil flora pumps and the obvious reason is because of the season. Because…Ma Nature’s lyrical, with her yearly miracle. SPRING!

Those crazy kids. Psst. You guys. Ephraim is totally checking out Dorcas. Watch out Benjamin!
Maybe I should have a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers interlude in every post? You think?
Anyway, I found this shirt at Little Edie’s and I must say it compliments my color block dress well, especially since I’ve never felt comfortable with the top half. Actually, I need to take the shirt and the dress in to my seamstress, both are a bit of an odd fit.

I wore this the other day:J. Crew shirt… yeah, you’ve seen it all before and will see it again. I would talk about how nice the weather’s been lately but then I’d just sound like a broken record (spring, spring, spring!). But I’m really enjoying having brown sons for a minute!

What else? A lot of playdates and A LOT of book reading. A lot of cookie eating. A lot of changes: my babies are disappearing before my very eyes, I can’t get over how Z will start kindergarten in the fall. I’m pretty nervous about it actually, so I try not to think about it too much. Mad is loving puzzles lately, and Rio is *this close* to crawling and gets frustrated when he can’t make his body do what he wants it to. After a while of dragging himself all over the place he uses his raptor shriek to let me know that he’s done doing all of the work so could I please hold him under his arms while he lurches around to his heart’s content? Thanks Mom!



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