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Charmed, I’m sure


Fossil cardigan, thrifted shirt, UO jeans, Camper pelotas (Ebay)


I’m not sure why I paired up these Camper sneakers with this outfit instead of my black chucks or my black and white Docs. Maybe because I’ll take any excuse to wear them? I love them like whoa. I’ve been lusting after these shoes for about 3 years or something? My sister Anastasia had a pair in olive green that I just drooooled over and I seriously couldn’t stop thinking about them after we parted. I would search online for something similar but nothing came close until Ana pointed me in the direction of an Ebay listing that was… dun dun DUN… the same style! In my size! No bidding! I POUNCED. Seriously so comfortable and the leather is friggin’ so effing soft I can’t even.


Thrifted scarf, GAP sweater, Dizzie’s shirt, UO jeans, Gee WaWa boots

I tried something new with my hair today. I felt very Rosie the Riveter. I will be revisiting this look, no doubt about it.


Banglin’! I put the new beads on my Pandora bracelet, and it looks lovely. The bee and pram/stroller were purchased when I was preggo with Z so it’s been a while. I think my next bead will be a hedgehog for some texture.

Isn’t it cute?


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Every day the 14th




JCrew Factory shirt, Buffalo Exchange dress (GAP), HUE tights, Seychelles mary janes

Outfit from a couple of days ago. I bought more striped shirts to layer under dresses! Weeeee! Full disclosure: I wore these shoes solely for the pictures that I took and then put on my rainboots. I apologize for misleading anyone.

Andy surprised me with some Babel and beads!! He’s simply the best. Better than all the rest.


Now I’m dedicated to completing my Pandora bracelet that I started about SIX YEARS AGO. *rubs hands together* I love a good project.



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Title TK

What’s new and exciting?

I cut my hair again. I know! But this time I specifically got a curly cut. I managed to find a Devacurl salon and I have to admit, my knees buckled when I saw the 70 year old white man who was going to be my stylist. I had to ask (HAD to, I say!) if he knew how to cut Black hair even though I’d asked the woman who made the appointment for me in the first place about two or three times. This is what happens when a French woman butchers your hair within an inch of its life, folks.  Sure, I was a little worried. I have to say, though, Lee did a hell of a job! I told him that I wanted more of a rounded shape and that was pretty much my only request. Oh, and DON’T THIN IT PLEEEEEASE. He was horrified that I would even SUGGEST such a thing. *chuckles* Well, then.


I’ll probably be wearing it curly for a while, it’s the mood I’m in. Which means a lot of bad hair days as I figure out what works best for my hair. So prepare yourselves for a lot of scarves! They’re necessary on bad hair days or when I just don’t feel like plumping up the curls.

Hopefully one day soon my hair will look like this:


I’ve been wearing the crap out of this JCrew striped shirt, I just can’t get enough. I love layering it under dresses.



I also love the zipper on the back, which gives me shivers.




JCrew Factory shirt, Bonjour Biqui skirt, Hansel from Basel tights, Fossil Flora pumps

And I’m off.



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