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What is up with all the men in this town who use wheelchairs but navigate with their feet? Yesterday some guy pushed himself backwards across a busy street (Is that jaywalking?  Jaywheeling? ….whatever) almost getting himself killed. Why backwards? I have no clue. Of course he’s crazy, I have no doubt. But I have seen SEVERAL men in wheelchairs now who do the exact same thing, who refuse to use their arms to , I don’t know, navigate their chairs and insist on shuffling their feet madly to move themselves along. What, I ask, the fuck?

Neither here nor there: I’ve also seen an alarming amount of white people with “dreads” here (it’s an epidemic, actually). One big fat mass of matted hair is not appealing. It’s also not dreads. Not really. Give up the fight.


Today I went and visited Z at daycare during my lunch break. I ate my chili and he munched on his pasta. One of the kids, a four year old, watched us while we ate with interest. Then she said, “Your skin is darker than his.” And I replied, “Yep.” She then cocked her head to the side and said, “My mom has long hair. Long blond hair.” Then I responded that there are all different types of hair and she lost interest. Ah, four year olds. I wonder what non sequiturs Z will be spitting out at that age.

Speaking of hair, I’ve been wearing it natural for the last couple of days. My coworkers have seen my hair like this SEVERAL times and yet they still manage to ask the same questions. Did you cut it? How do you get it like that? Do you have a perm? I almost want to teach a class on black hair and get paid for it. Listen up ladies, white women get perms to curl their hair. Black women get perms to straighten theirs. No, I didn’t cut my hair, it just shrinks massively when it’s wet.

And so on.



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I don't care what nobody says, we gonna have a baybeeeeeeeeee

I am currently 12 weeks, 5 days preggers.

That’s really nice to get out. Our families already know, of course, but even then we waited a little while. It’s been hard to keep this secret of ours, but I managed to (for the most part). I told my boss and coworkers last week (as did Andy). Andy and Meg were in town on Friday night, so we got to break the news to them as well. I left the ultrasound on the refrigerator just to see what would happen. 😛

I remember when I told Andy’s stepmom that we were pregnant she mentioned that her coworker was 3 weeks along. 3 weeks. I totally don’t have that confidence. Or really, the need to be asked every week how far along I am and still not even be up to double digits yet. And it doesn’t even seem real then, not until you’re gripping that toilet bowl and wondering what the hell you were thinking (unless you get to skip that part, you jerky jerks). But that’s just me. It doesn’t really matter though, how you do it. Maybe with the third (did I just write third?), I’ll tell everyone as soon as I see those two lines. Take a walk on the wild side. The funny thing is, some people already knew. Two women from other offices on campus had asked my coworkers if I was pregnant, apparently I already have a big ole belly!!

And speaking of thirds, who knows. I’m feeling a little better today so I can venture down that path in my mind without wanting to punch someone in the face. A couple of weeks ago I told Andy that two would be fine with me. Because really, constant nausea is NOT my bag. I’ve only vomited twice this time, but I’d almost welcome the relief at this point.

I’m fine with another boy, but I’d like to have one of each. Andy and I have already started throwing around names. We had originally settled on Velouria Poe for a girl, but I’m not sure now. Correcting everyone’s spelling, and the similarity to Valerie and Gloria (*shudder*) is almost too much to bear. I do like the nickname “Lo” though. For a boy, we were thinking about Asher or something beginning with A. I love the name Sebastian. I also like the name Hadley for a girl. Andy is “meh” about both of those.

Excuse me while I go eat something. Again.


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Movin' on up

So it’s done. Uh, almost. We’re almost done with the moving process, all that left is 2 carloads of stuff and cleaning the townhouse within an inch of it’s life (which, to be fair, we’re paying other people to do). We better get our deposit back.

*deep breath*

Hooray! We own a house!* We own a house without any help from our parents or relatives, and it only cost us our souls.

And that’s okay.

There have been some big changes in our lives, which is most of the reason why I haven’t been posting lately. Because frankly, the stress of it all was making me ill. But I think it’s starting to turn around, I’m starting to realize that all of these changes are (um, duh) good ones, and ones that I should be supremely thankful for instead of feeling sorry for myself. It’s going to take some time, but I’m getting there.

I love this house. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. More to come (promise).

*Meg, here is the declaration you’ve been waiting for, but you probably already got it from Andy. 😛


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