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P & P

I saw the new Pride and Prejudice today. It was definitely interesting to see a new take on it, being completely obsessed with the Colin Firth BBC version. I can honestly say that I enjoyed it, along with pretty much all of the females in the theatre…there was a lot of laughter and cooing. :)I overheard a lot of people saying that it felt rushed, but you can only cram so much into a 2 hour movie. I personally find Jane Austen’s style of writing a bit superfluous, so in my eyes you can edit away! I do think that I prefer the miniseries (Colin…wherefore art thou?), but there were elements of this version that I found very appealing. For instance, Mr. Darcy is much more poetic about his affections. Sometimes less is more, sometimes not.
This time, it was yummy.

I don’t think that Keira Knightley would’ve been my first choice to play Elizabeth Bennett, though. She’s insanely overrated and reminds me a bit of an overgrown 13 year old, but she did okay. The attraction between her and Matthew McFayden (who was lovely) was very believable. Quite palpable. Didn’t quite get the casting of Jena Malone either, who played boy-crazy younger sister Lydia. I’ve never understood her appeal. Her teeth are yellow. Yellow. Just…nasty.

I overheard some guy talking after the movie about how the BBC version was soo much better and that he was disappointed and I almost laughed. It was just too surreal to hear this guy go on and on about how “amazing” the original was. And I thought guys hated chick flicks. I dread calling it a “chick flick”, you know, but if it quacks like a duck…

A preview for Something New came on before the movie started. I am so excited about this movie. Sanaa Lathan + Simon Baker = me in the theatre on opening night biting my fists in anticipation. Hopefully it portrays an interracial relationship without perpetuating too many stereotypes…but the preview left me with a good feeling. And I love Sanaa. 🙂

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I’m feeling slightly nauseous right now. I hope I’m not getting a cold or anything. Damn rain.
I had written a blog a couple of days ago but I accidently pressed the back button and lost it and then I just thought…fuck it…didn’t really want to write it again. It was basically about my trip home, a little “meatier” than the last post I made. I try to keep things light on here because it’s weird to type something personal and send it out into cyberspace.

So… I was happy to see my Dad and my brother last weekend even though it was under crappy circumstances. It felt good to go to the funeral though. Papadoc meant a lot to me, and so much to my family. I was glad to be there for my sisters since they couldn’t go. I felt bad for not keeping in better touch with Pops, but I will make it a point to keep in touch with Auntie Annie even with so much space between us. It’s easy to drift off when you’re so far away from people. I would always feel a little out of my element when I would come home to visit from college, life went on without me of course, my brothers grew up and my sisters got closer and I did my own thing and I’m proud of doing that….but I always felt a little melancholy for the things I missed. That’s life I guess. 🙂

I really dread the holidays this year though, since Andy and I can’t afford to go home. These next two months I’ll be leaning on him a little more than usual…I’m so thankful for him. He takes care of me so well. 🙂

Oh and it’s his birthday on Monday!!!!!!!!!He’ll be 27!!!! If anyone reads this, send him a happy birthday note and junk and stuff.

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Home Sweet Home

Ah. The beauty of being home…sitting on the computer pretending not to hear my brother and father argue. Must this happen every time I come home? Geez.

My father has two seasons of OZ on DVD. He’s pretty addicted. Dad always amazes me with stuff like this. I would have expected it to be too “raw” for him, but he can watch half a season in one sitting. I want to steal them…I forgot how much I love that show. Beecher and Keller? Love them.

Their love is sick and twisted…and true. It’s a beautiful thing. Sure, Keller broke all of Beecher’s limbs…but he redeemed himself in the end.

Everytime I come back to Sac I always get all wistful and junk. I think of all the time that has gone by since I left home: almost 10 years. It’s mind boggling. I’ve been on my own for a long time. And I’ve actually been quite a few place since then…from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to Portland…good times all around. *rests chin on fist pensively and gazes off into the distance*

Good times…


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