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(4) Real Simple

Hat: Urban Outfitters. Everything else: see remix items post

Real simple. For real.

The last several Thursdays (my day off with the kids) I’ve stayed in sweats/pajamas all day long. But it continues to be nice out and I figured I should probably get dressed if I’m going to leave the house. I kept it simple: my favorite jeans, my new favorite cardigan and my all time favorite hat.

And since I’ll take any excuse to play a Replacements song:

I’m really enjoying this challenge. I played it safe and choseĀ  pieces that I wear frequently, but I’m actually finding new ways to wear them which is so awesome. I’m thinking that after this challenge I might go through my closet and purge a bit, I have quite a few things that I never wear that are only taking up space. I also have my eye on things that I want, which is funny because I wasn’t even thinking about shopping until I agreed not to for thirty days! Now isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think? No, really, is that irony? I forget. It seems like it.




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