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I can’t remember how exactly I found this site…but I can remember walking through bookstores ever since I was a little kid and seeing the covers of those trite Cassie Edwards books in the romance section. It was always some dark haired Fabio with glistening pecs standing on a mountain top with the breeze flowing through his hair, wearing buckskin and holding a tomahawk. I grew up reading a series of books that had the same sort of theme: the exoticized (and in Edwards’ case, oversexualized) native americans with a beautiful blond blue-eyed girl/woman in the forefront. I remember being annoyed at it even then. How many times did the author have to bring up the fact that the main character had such lustrous blond hair? There was so much attention to that one detail! Someone was always focusing on it, stroking it. Ugh. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I got tired of reading about it.

Check out these classic titles: Savage Courage, Savage Torment, Wild Rapture….? Who reads this bullshit? Hey, here’s a title: Keep calling me Savage and I’ll show you torment…involving ruptures.

Speaking of rupturing, try not to laugh too hard at this.


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