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Cranky in PDX


SAM_1613Thrifted Fossil dress, Target tank, Miz Mooz flats



SAM_1617Rachel Roy dress (Ebay), Talula leggings, Miz Mooz flats



22 weeks on Friday!

So I’ve been thinking that I should name this blog Cranky In PDX because I am in a MOOD. People are irritating the hell out of me.

Sorry Strange Woman at Little Big Burger, I don’t have help and I know how much that horrifies you and that it will keep you awake at night thinking about the many ways that I will fail at parenting 5 male children. And then you’ll fall asleep only to wake up yelling things like: “SOMEBODY DOOOO SOMETHING!” Go away.

Now, I have enjoyed surprising the shit out of unsuspecting fools when they ask me if I know the sex yet (singular) and I feel a mounting glee before saying, “Two boys.” Cue head swivel, gaping mouth. Good times. “Two? But..TWO? More?” But mostly it’s when it’s people that my husband works with or neighbors, people that I generally know in some capacity. There’s something so obnoxious about strangers giving me their opinions about what’s happening in my house and in my uterus. Go away.


Almost bought this Dear Creatures dress from Buffalo Exchange the other day but the fabric was too weird. Cute though, right? Andy said, “You look like a nun!” Eh…sure. >.>




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Swing Swing


SAM_1600Thrifted tunic, Talula tights, Miz Mooz flats

I love this top. I bought it before I was preggo; I’d been looking for a kind of swing tunic, something that was long and flowy and also with a bit of shape.





I’m really not into buying maternity clothes this time around, such a waste of money and also, there really isn’t much out there that is affordable and cute IMO. I’ve been looking for styles that work before and after. The original owner cut the tag off so I have no way of knowing where to get more (BOOOOOO) but I have been going to Goodwill and Value Village looking for something similar.

On another note, my hair! The one year mark came and went as I was feeling like breathing my last at that particular moment so I didn’t properly take note of it. The before shots above were taken last September, and I’ve also had a trim since then. Still, it’s always cool to see progress. I’m loving the stage my hair is in. Oh! Also, I can’t deal with scarves lately, so I bought some satin pillowcases and the difference is AMAAAAZING. LOVE.

Hope everyone had a great 4th! Andy and I took the boys to Sellwood Park and the streets were packed in the neighborhood surrounding it with folks setting off their own fireworks waiting for the big event. These fireworks…I’m flabbergasted. They were INSANE. “Definitely illegal!” Andy said. Okay, so people are setting off these babies, and there were drunk individuals who would hold up a can of beer and hoot at the sky. There would be rounds of applause afterwards. Meanwhile, Mad and Rio were covering their ears and scrambling back into the seats of the stroller, cringing, and I was stumbling back myself, grabbing onto Zain and pulling him into my chest. At one point a young boy apologized for scaring me. Lesson learned. O_O Next year we’ll definitely be watching the fireworks from afar.

It’s been so hot here. Not actually California hot, but living in Oregon has made me a wuss. We’re going to the beach this weekend! I can’t wait.


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Going green




SAM_1595Thrifted ON dress, thrifted Talula leggings, Miz Mooz flats

I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow. I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m already halfway there,  since twins usually come early.  Pretty please? I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to 40 weeks anyway, I’m already so tired and achy and out of breath from walking up the stairs to my bedroom. I say this even thought they’re moving around as I write this and I love it. But I want to make it to 37 weeks at least, I hope. I want them full term and healthy.

I’m gonna try to force myself make it to prenatal swimming tonight, I’ve been planning on going for the last two weeks but I can’t seem to get myself to get everything together and leave. Sitting or laying in one place is much preferred to MOVING and DOING STUFF. But I know I will enjoy it so I really need to do it.

Z has been out from school for the past several weeks and it’s been a challenge juggling all three boys’ needs (yeah yeah I know, FIVE soon), especially when we go out because I get comments from people about how my hands are full and I’m just so sick of hearing it. It’s usually just a one-off and not an attempt at an actual conversation. Yes, yes, I know. It’s true! Clearly we are all readers of Duh Aficionado magazine. It’s so obnoxious that people think I’m brave simply for leaving the house. The worst is when someone actually says, “Bless your heart!” REALLY? Look, I have stuff to do. Also, my kids will not always be on their best behavior because they’re not effing robots. DEAL. It chaps my hide when one or all of the boys are making a fuss and people get this disgruntled look on their faces as if they didn’t know they were in a “child-friendly zone” or whatever.  Taking your dog everywhere is okay…but kids? Ugh!

Okay, now that I think about it, I AM brave for leaving the house. 😛







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Double the fun



SAM_157717 weeks preggo: Fossil (Ebay) top,  Levi’s jeans, Miz Mooz flats


SAM_158218 weeks preggo: Thrifted top, UO jeans, Tretorn rain boots

It’s been a long time. Shouldn’t have left you. Without a dope post to…read… to. >.>

Funny story: Andy and I had been going back and forth about having another kid. On days where the boys were particularly hard to handle I was like “Nope!” but then when I noticed that Rio’s baby fat was disappearing I was like “MOAR PLZ!” Andy mostly wanted to try for a girl. We both knew that there was a .5% chance of that happening, but we forged ahead with that good old Shettles method. TMI? Eh, we’re all adults here. ANYWAY. Six months later I was 3 days late and took a pregnancy test. The faintest of lines appeared. Andy pumped his fist, I got ready for the nausea to hit. AND BOY DID IT. “This…isn’t normal.” I told Andy. My stomach hurt like the DICKENS. My mind was foggy. There was this funny taste in my mouth. For three weeks I only got up to use the restroom and to (barely) eat. I felt like I was dying. Food was disgusting. And it wasn’t just food, everything I looked at or thought about took on this sinister tone. I started thinking about preparing a will (which I really should do anyway). Then I started bleeding. It was the cherry on the shit sundae that was my life.

I went in for an ultrasound to see if I was miscarrying. There on the screen, clear as day, were two embryos.  Aaaand I friggin’ burst into tears. When I told Andy (he was parking the car and ushering the boys into the office at the time of the u/s) he was shocked stupid. “Uh, what? Huh? HOW? Oh my god!”

How, indeed. My mom had twin brothers (fraternal) and apparently her father had twin siblings as well. Andy and I had joked about one day having twins and then we got tired just thinking about it. Whatever, bring it. Cuz twins are magical! I totally dropped two eggs and Andy totally fertilized them both! We’re magical creatures people!

Anyway, it all balanced out to the usual bearable nausea that I dealt with with my other pregnancies, and my bleeding (Caused by a subchorionic hemorrhage) stopped relatively soon afterwards. *sigh of relief*

I will never not find it funny that we went into this trying for one girl and will come out of it with two more boys. TWO! MORE! BOYS!

And I can’t wait to meet them.



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Ace of Bass




No matter how many times my bangles catch on this sweater, it’s definitely a thrift store score. I LOVE ME SOME IT!

I didn’t know Bass made clothing too, I’d only heard about their saddle shoes (their gorgeous, gorgeous saddle shoes that have horrible, horrible soles that crack almost immediately upon wearing). Every Goodwill I’ve gone to has had a good amount of Bass shirts, though. It’s funny how that works. Certain brands that I’ve never heard of before, like Alfred Dunner, are labels I know I can count on seeing no matter the thrift store. And man, people really love to donate Relic bags!

SAM_1538I can’t stop wearing this sweater.



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Lupita Sweater




SAM_1519JCrew cardigan (Value Village -$?), Shirt (Teen Challenge Thrift – $2), Thakoon for Target skirt (Goodwill – $7), Miz Mooz heels (VV – $15)

So I call this my Lupita sweater because it reminds me of  the sweater that Lupita Nyong’o wore to the Toronto Film Festival.

lupita-nyongo-12-years-a-slave-toronto-international-film-festival-2013-portrait-2Seeeeeeee? Okay, so mine has buttons and is a deeper chartreuse, but I’m pretty sure that Lupita and I should be besties.

This sweater is one of those items that you find at a thrift store and think, “Who the HELL would give that away?” It’s just too perfect. It’s well made, has no blemishes and makes every outfit you pair it with DELIGHTFUL.  What gives, Person Who Donated Lupita Sweater? In any case, OMGTHX.



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Made in France

As soon as I touched the fabric of this shirt on the rack at Goodwill I knew I had to snatch it up. Even the cashier paused when she grabbed it from my small pile and said, “Wow, that’s thick!” And I said, “I know, right?!” The name on the tag was incredibly faded but I managed to make out the name of the brand: Orcival. Also this: Made in France. 100% cotton.

I wore it for like, 3 days straight? YEP.


SAM_1482Orcival Breton shirt: Goodwill. JCrew sweater: Value Village. Jeans: UO. Camper Pelotas: Ebay.

More about my Lupita sweater later.





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