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Cranky in PDX


SAM_1613Thrifted Fossil dress, Target tank, Miz Mooz flats



SAM_1617Rachel Roy dress (Ebay), Talula leggings, Miz Mooz flats



22 weeks on Friday!

So I’ve been thinking that I should name this blog Cranky In PDX because I am in a MOOD. People are irritating the hell out of me.

Sorry Strange Woman at Little Big Burger, I don’t have help and I know how much that horrifies you and that it will keep you awake at night thinking about the many ways that I will fail at parenting 5 male children. And then you’ll fall asleep only to wake up yelling things like: “SOMEBODY DOOOO SOMETHING!” Go away.

Now, I have enjoyed surprising the shit out of unsuspecting fools when they ask me if I know the sex yet (singular) and I feel a mounting glee before saying, “Two boys.” Cue head swivel, gaping mouth. Good times. “Two? But..TWO? More?” But mostly it’s when it’s people that my husband works with or neighbors, people that I generally know in some capacity. There’s something so obnoxious about strangers giving me their opinions about what’s happening in my house and in my uterus. Go away.


Almost bought this Dear Creatures dress from Buffalo Exchange the other day but the fabric was too weird. Cute though, right? Andy said, “You look like a nun!” Eh…sure. >.>




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Hi there! Just a random post showing off some of the goodies that I’ve found the last several weeks.

SAM_1339Thrifted Fossil dress, thrifted tapestry doctor bag

There’s nothing better than throwing a cute hat on when I don’t want to do my hair, by the way. Does the job nicely.

SAM_1351Thrifted Piretta coat ($7!) and Little Bit Mini-Bag

I found this adorable Anthropologie polka dot Little Bit Mini-Bag at William Temple House.


I decided to take the strap off and put it on my new tapestry bag instead, and use the mini-bag as a wallet. It worked out beautifully, except it took an ungodly amount of time for me to actually wrangle the strap off of that mini-bag/wallet/thing.

SAM_1340I love my new tapestry bag, did I mention?


IMG_1927Thrifted cardigan that I’ve been wearing constantly, see below for proof (Pay no attention to the strap I was using originally. I SAID IGNORE IT.)

SAM_1318Yeeeah, my obsession with doctor bags continues. Usually I’m a just leather type of gal, but lately tapestry bags with leather accents have been spinning in my head. Of course the thing that draws me in every time is the brass hardware. ILOVEIT.


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I love lamp

Just drooling over the stuff at Restoration Hardware.

Rowan Pharmacy Task Table Lamp

Franklin Pharmacy Task Table Lamp

Mayfair Steamer Chest

Kensington Upholstered Studio Sofa

Versailles Domed Burlap-Backed Chair

That chair looks like something out of an insane asylum but it’s still the stuff my dreams are made of.

Oh! I scored a free globe last week:



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Good love

I found a doctor bag! On Etsy! For relatively cheap!

It’s the weirdest thing: finally finding one and sinking my claws into it has only made me all the more ravenous. NO STONE LEFT UNTURNED.

The one that got away. *tear* I hate Ebay, have I ever mentioned that? I do.

*BTW Andy finds my fascination with Doctor bags wildly confusing. He doesn’t understand the need to buy more than one. “That’s like  me buying the same comic book twice!” he just yelled. Oh, sweetheart. NO.  He also just called them “old lady bags”. Ha.

Anyway, the dress (and the sweater) is from one of my favorite stores, Fossil. It’s got epaulets! Epaulets are the best. And pockets! It’s the most comfortable dress ever, and it looks damn good with my burgandy Docs.

Shift Lock

Back Space

Typewriter earrings! Another Etsy purchase. I’m getting a little obsessed. There’s such good stuff on there! The list of things I want grows longer and longer. I’m thinking of doing all of my birthday/Christmas shopping on there too.

I gotta go to bed.


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I feel pretty

When I saw that this dress was marked down for the second time at Anthropologie I had to snatch it up immediately!  AND THEN I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when the mail woman dropped it off, after ordering it only a day before (it usually takes a week!). I tried it on and I love it! I have a feeling that I’ll be wearing this dress often. I’ll post a picture soon.

I attached (read: safety-pinned) a fur collar to my Tulle coat. I bought two other fur collars that I don’t quite know what to do with; I compulsively bought them several months ago and am finally incorporating them into my wardrobe.

Me in my Corey Lynn Calter dress (also from Anthropologie) holding Mad Miles.

I’ve had this fascination with cameos lately. The one on the right is by Wrecords by Monkey and the one on the left is by Princess Tina. I’m really just trying to find ones that remind me of these:

There’s a talented woman who makes these amazingly beautiful trinkets and they sell out in like two seconds AND she isn’t taking custom orders right now. *sigh* They’re so beautiful.

ETA: Here is that promised picture of me in my new dress 🙂 Don’t you just love my postman socks?!


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I need this in my life

I mean, COME ON. Come. On.

And while we’re talking about things that I want but can’t have:

These Hansel from Basel tights come in three colors and are on sale at Anthropologie. I had to return mine because I couldn’t pull them up past my hips. They’re made for stick figures, but they continue to haunt my dreams. I called the designer and she said that she was working on getting larger sizes out there so… *crosses fingers*. I’ll be waiting.


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If I were a collector

I’d collect cloche hats, gladstone/doctor/medical bags, old globes, fur collars, clocks and goggles. Here are some things that I’ve been lusting after.


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