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Moody Mumford

Bruce Springsteen has ruined me for other bands.

His show was just that: A SHOW. He and the E Street band played for 3 hours. He took requests, he pulled people onstage, he crowd-surfed, he made me FEEL THINGS. Seriously, who’s the Boss? THAT dude.


Andy and I went to a Mumford and Sons show Monday night. And, well…meh. First of all, Marcus seemed to be in a bit of a mood. And well…knock it off, son. This is your job. Entertain me. Make me feel like I’m the only person in the room. I can see you have some chops there, and ya’ll sound hella good in concert. I was clapping and swaying to the music and feeling your strings section. But I was expecting a bit more warmth. And conversation! Not two openers and barely an hour and a half of the headlining band! We got a babysitter! ENTERTAIN ME!

Hey, look at my overpriced T-shirt!



SAM_0468Shows can make or break a band for me. I fell out of love with Pete Yorn many moons ago after hearing him sing through his teeth. I became aware of Frank Black’s genius after accompanying Andy to a show. Same goes for Tiger Army (could seriously see those guys over and over).

You dropped the ball M&S!! Be more like Springsteen! And seriously, as I was thinking that very thought during the show, they broke into “I’m on Fire.” That’s not what I meant boys, but nice try. I kept telling Andy how disappointed I was that they weren’t more like Bruce and all he could do was grin like a fool, because he’s the Springsteen guy, and say: “I’m so glad you enjoyed the show.” Well, yeah…but WHAT ABOUT MUMFORD?

Thank God for Ben Lovett, ya’ll. He tried to connect. And his shoes kept a lot of my attention, I wish I’d gotten a better look at them. Because they looked amazing.


toodsP.S. I’ll probably buy the next album but I’ll definitely be sitting the next show out. And probably the next. Mums the Ford, INDEED.

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P.S. The Time Traveler's Wife sucked

I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife recently. The book was better. I understand that translating 500 pages to the screen can be quite an undertaking, and that some things needed to be  eliminated entirely (Gomez’s thing for Clare, for one, thank GOD) but I see no reason why this film exists. It is bland, boring and bad.

1. There is little to no chemistry between the two leads. I’m supposed to believe that there is a magnetism between them, a pull. Henry shows up naked in the field behind her childhood home when she was six (ew) and so on until she’s in her late teens. They are MFEO, obvs.  So why is it that when he meets Clare for the first time (for him, of course) I just got this sense of…meh? She’s sorta excited to see him and she asks him on a date and Henry ‘s facial expression reads, “I’m pretty sure you’ll put out so okay.” And then after they sleep together he’s like “You’re my soulmate because I need a good reason to break up with my current girlfriend who is a total psycho.”

By the way, Rachel McAdams needs to STEP IT UP. I usually love her (Married Life was great, and The Notebook sucked but she did a wonderful job, The Family Stone was pretentious but she did a wonderful job, Mean Girls had Lindsay Lohan in it but she did a wonderful job) but the last couple of films that I’ve seen her in she’s completely phoned in her performance. As far as Eric Bana goes…I have no idea what he brought to this particular part except a bored expression. Maybe he was focusing too much on his American accent? Who knows.

2. Why even have Gomez and Charisse in the film? I guess to prove that Clare and Henry aren’t completely narcissistic assholes, but they’ve got like a handful of lines. Ron Livingston deserves better!

3. I get that a movie about time travel is going to skip around a lot. I’m fine with that. But the passage of time is too swift. 5 years go by in a flash. I need some kind of foundation to build on, I need a reason to care about these people, I don’t need to eagerly countdown to Henry’s death just to get some sense of oomph. I guess what bothered me the most was that it tried too hard to make things okay when things should’ve been dire.

Thinking about how books usually surpass their movie versions made me think of P.S.(minus I love you), one of the few films that I know of that surpasses the book. I did see the film first, but I don’t think that matters. I think I’d feel the same way if it had been reversed. The story is about a middle-aged woman who meets a guy half her age who is a helluva lot like her high school boyfriend (who of course broke her heart before dying young). Same name, same face, same passion (art). But here’s the main thing: F. Scott (Francis Scott, but let’s call him Fake Scott)  is a total douche in the book. The author dresses him up like a “gangbanger” complete with a shaved head and sagging pants, but he’s this total overly dramatic ape who says things like “I don’t want to be a victim of love.” and cries silently. Gross.

The movie kept the good parts (You’re gonna fuck it up Louise!”) and tossed the pretentious bullshit (“I don’t want to be a victim of love”) and for that I thank it. I loved Louise’s interaction with Fake Scott, it just felt true to life. He seems totally into her, but appropriately jarred by a new relationship (with an older woman, no less) and thus, acts kind of like a jerk sometimes. The scene where he and Louise are at the restaurant and he’s watching her eat, and they meet his friend and Fake Scott whispers in his friend’s ear and they laugh and you know Louise is like, WTF ARE YOU WHISPERING? I’ll take two please. In the book, I just couldn’t take him seriously. I couldn’t take Louise seriously. The characters seemed to talk in this odd,  otherworldly way which I guess makes sense given the subject matter but I’m good.  I’m good. I’ll just watch the movie repeatedly, thanks!

*walks off*


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When I started watching the first episode of the second half of the new season I knew something was up. It was simply, too good to be true. There was Dualla! On the screen! Speaking words! I thought someone had actually listened to me. But then she blew her brains out. So. I’m pretty sure that means no more Dualla?? Yeeeeah.  And although it was shocking, it kind of wasn’t. Of course she would die. At her own hand, no less (EXCLAMATION POINT). And of course all of the annoying assholes would live another day. President Roslin? I’m looking at you. You too Gaius. Let’s just get this season over with, shall we? TEDIOUS.

This? Not a good movie. Looking at this poster you’d think Angelina was the main character or something seeing as she’s about 3 times the size of James McAvoy. No, she’s just what brought the boys to the yard. And I…am…confused. Like Andy said, she looks like a Lollipop girl with that big ole head stuck on her negative pound frame. Not sexy. NO.

I had a huge issue with the storyline even though I’ve never read the comic. It was, as I said when the credits started rolling, “kinda lame”.  Who decided this garbage was fit for human consumption? Why are assassins running textile mills? Oh, there’s names hidden in the weaving? Names of people who need killing? That’s…stupid. Then there’s the usual wimp/loser/ball-less wonder becomes major super badass montage. And although it’s completely unnecessary, a kiss between Angelina and James. *yawn*

It’s snowing here. Again. I am…enraged.


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Goodbye 2008

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Some Christmas shots.

Okay, two things:

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a horrible movie. HORRIBLE. Who are these people that think it’s “outrageously funny”??? Because that’s what all the reviews said. Are they on crack? They must be on crack. The funniest thing about the movie was Jason Segel’s penis and even that was only sort of funny because…it was right there. Ya know, out in the open. Everything just seemed so forced. The jokes, the conversation, the connection between Mila Kunis and Segel…and the Dracula puppet opera? NO. NOT COOL. Not even Bill Hader could save it for me. Segel is so much better as the sidekick, the greasy creepy friend who says things like, “You know who I wanna bang? Felicity Huffman. After Transamerica I just can’t get her out of my mind.”

I can’t take him seriously romancing a girl, I just can’t. I keep picturing him singing “Lady” to Lindsay and thinking, “You’re so fucking corny!” Maybe he should just be the magical caucasian who has no other duty in life but to prop up his friends and bail them out when necessary. Harsh?

2. Runaways is the shit. Why did it take me so long to read it? Andy has been pressuring me for a while to crack it open. I should’ve known I’d love it since it’s written by Brian K Vaughan (who also wrote Y:The Last Man). It’s the story of these kids who find out a terrible truth about their parents (they’re a part of an evil organization called The Pride…DUNDUNDUN) and then they…run away. No but seriously, action/romance/hilarity ensues. Some kids find out they have powers, others get really cool toys to play with. I’m such a girl but Gert and Chase really make me all warm and fuzzy inside. The sucky thing is, Vaughan is just like Whedon in that he kills off the brightest and the best (even though it’s hard to say that because all of the characters rock) so that your heartstrings get ripped the fuck out. It’s the best.

Since I have been holed up in this house for so long (not anymore…the snow has melted! YES!), I’ve been reading a lot of graphic novels/comics: Watchmen, The House of M, Son of M, and am now reading Madrox. I’m sure Andy is pleased. 🙂

This post had nothing to do with 2008. Ah well.

Oh! uh…I was 31 weeks yesterday. It’s getting closer…


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Tis the season to be jolly?

Christmas came and went and thank GOD. We’ve been moles for the past week or so, Andy leaving only to go to work occasionally. I can’t say I’m not glad the holidays are almost over. We weren’t able to see any family, and couldn’t even fly out if we wanted to due to the weather. And it couldn’t have been a better time to miss out because my mother, whom I haven’t seen in like 5 years and who has never met her grandchild, was in Sacramento along with the majority of my siblings and their children…and that NEVER happens. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The annoying thing is that I can’t complain or be sad about it without someone in my family saying something like: “But you’re with your family.” and while that may be true it sounds a little like, “STFU and be a stoic grownup, whilst we play in the hay.” As you can imagine, that cheered me right up.

It’s all about the lessons in life.

Zain made out like a bandit as usual, will post pictures of that and snow soon. I promise that post will be cheery.


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Girls on film, etc

Two movies: I can’t think straight and The World Unseen, deal with an unexpected relationship that develops between two women (one in present day setting, the other in 1950s South Africa). Both star the same two Indian actresses. I am intrigued.

Two documentaries: Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead and Dear Zachary, deal with prolicide/familicide (not all words are fun!). One focuses on the death penalty and the other is a much more personal work for a deceased friend. While I know I probably shouldn’t, I want to see these films mostly because I wonder what makes these kind of people tick, and what made them crack? There’s obviously a screw loose/piece missing, but I still can’t get my head around why. There is no answer and it breaks my heart.

Yeah, probably shouldn’t watch them.

Australia looks uber cheesy, and you cannot tell me that Nicole Kidman hasn’t had work done, but Hugh Jackman is delicious and I can’t resist Baz Luhrman’s theatrical productions.

Star Trek: for obvious reasons. I love how there’s a clip in the preview of Uhura pulling her shirt over her head. Mmmkay. Hailing frequencies open, indeed.

I also kind of want to see Twilight, mostly because I know it’ll be a shitfest. I read the first two books: liked the first one okay and despised the second. Couldn’t bring myself to pick up the third. Stephenie Meyer must get paid by the word because there’s a lot of filler. A LOT. I don’t give a good god damn what this broad makes her father for dinner, get on with it! And when you actively pray for the main character to die a really painful death, you know that can’t be good. I’m team Jacob, by the way. 😛

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5 things I don't understand

1. Wearing white high heels/flats with anything that is not a wedding dress. Just…NO.

2. Wearing apple bottoms when you possess little more than a crack. They’re called apple bottoms. I suppose it makes sense if you think of an apple with a huge bite taken out of it.

3. Wearing flip flops in the rain and/or freezing cold. I wish I could say this was a Portland thing, but Santa Barbara had a lot of this going on too. Am I the only one whose feet are always cold? *looks around*

4. Wearing crocs or tevas in any weather.

5. Driving with a dog in your lap, the dog’s body practically hanging out of the window. What IS this all about? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this.

In other news…I’m still on the hunt for the perfect boot. I like the Frye “Heath” and the Corso Como “Sadie” , “Sandra” and

“Sasha” . Argh! When will my search be over?


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