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Twenty Seven

SAM_1686Thrifted Loft dress, Miz Mooz flats


SAM_1689A pose that Mad suggested, swear.

SAM_1692See no evil.

From earlier in the month:


SAM_1679I am so excited to almost be in the third trimester YASSSSSS.

I’m definitely feeling it. It’s getting harder and harder to sleep comfortably, I wake up with my hips screaming and I have to get up several times a night to go the bathroom. Downstairs. The heat hasn’t helped but it has been cooling down, thank goodness. The babes are constantly frolicking in my belleh and so everyone except for Rio (short attention span) has been able to feel their kicks and rolling limbs.

Not gonna lie: I’m tired, hungry and anxious most of the time. I haven’t been able to take the boys out that much lately and I’ve been feeling guilty about that. Luckily my dad and stepmom were here last week and the boys got to spend some quality time with them while I got to sit in front of the fan with my feet up. My dad re-did our bathroom floor and I LOVE IT.

IMG_2059Loooove. LOVE! And I am so happy that I don’t have to look at that nasty linoleum anymore.

Mad was my dad’s little helper the entire time. It was so cute.

IMG_2006It was a great week. Except for the part where Z got his teeth pulled. His adult teeth have started coming in and his baby teeth were NOT budging. He was getting more and more distressed about the changes going on inside his mouth, running his tongue along the jagged edge of the teeth bursting out of his gums and he had an open sore in no time. 😦 So we took him to the dentist and he was such a rock star that all he needed was laughing gas and some help from his puppet friends. We took him to get a toy afterwards and he chose- no joke- a dragon named Toothless.


A couple of days ago I had my glucose test which I thankfully passed. I chose a different flavor this year and it was DISGUSTING (should’ve stuck with orange), but after my blood was taken we got to see the babes again. They’re both well over two pounds and looking good!



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Three things

1. My Rio is TWO years old.


There are no more babies in my house. *sniffle*

2. Mad and I had some fun on the porch the other day.

Check it:










He’s wearing a thrifted plaid shirt (Deseret Industries) and jeans. I can’t remember if they’re Cherokee or Levi’s. On his feet are his well worn DC sneakers. On his head are gorgeous brown curls.

3. I can’t stop listening to this song:



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California, here I come




Goorin hat, Fossil cardigan, UP shirt, thrifted skirt, Born brogues

I’m off to Cali for a few days for my older sister’s graduation (congrats Anastasia!). You’d think I was going to be gone for a month or something by the way I’ve been carrying on. I tried to talk about my trip to the boys and Mad got pissed. He said he wanted to go too, and then when I said that he couldn’t, he told me he wanted to get on a helicopter and fly away from me. It made me laugh. And cry.  Zain yelled at Mad for being mean and Mad just got meaner: he told me that he was cross with me, that he was greatly displeased. Ouch!

Man, I love that kid.

I’m off to watch Zach Gilford related things.


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Mad about Plaid

WWGLFD tee (PAX), Pendleton pants (wanderlust), otbt booties

I played dress up today with a couple of plaid pieces that I recently bought and can’t quite wear out yet.

Andy was a champ and bought this shirt for me when he went to PAX back in August. He knows what’s up. Levar Burton was big in my house, I grew up watching Reading Rainbow and Star Trek TNG pretty religiously. And who could forget his role as Kunta Kinte in Roots? So of course I died when I saw this on Community:


Every time I wear this shirt my kids cry out: “GEORDI LAFORGE!” I feel such pride when that happens. As for the pants, I found them at a bin sale for Wanderlust and Lodekka, they need to be shortened a bit and they’ll fit better once I *cough* lose ten pounds; I feel like a true Portlander in them.

Aaand here’s the dress I was telling you about earlier:

Thrifted Laura Ashley dress (Little Edie’s), HUE tights, Chie Mihara mary janes (ebay)

The collar’s a little too pilgrim-y and the sleeves a little too puffy, (although not, as Anne Shirley would say, “The puffiest!”) so I think I might have some alterations done. But for the most part: I LOVE THIS DRESS. Andy saw me in it and said, “Yeah that totally looks like you.”

My second born is turning 3 on Monday!

We had a playdate with cupcakes today (playcake?) and he got so embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him. He’s so adorable. And so smart and clever and sweet. He makes me laugh with his questions and observations. He makes me swoon when he sings with me. He makes my heart go boom.

Happy Birthday Mad!


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March Madness

Mad turned one earlier this month. I can’t get over how fast this last year has gone. Where did my baby go?! He’s been replaced by a walking, talking boy with FOUR teeth. He can say Mama, Daddy, more, banana and no (but of course). The first time I saw him sign “more” I almost fell over. It’s so strange how excited I am to experience all of these firsts again. I suspect it will be the same with the next child (and the next, and the next…just kidding!). Everything they do is the best, I’m so in love with my children! Even when they throw their food on the ground and pull my hair straight out of my head…

Anyway, I took his birthday off and we went to the zoo with our friends Jennie and her daughter Lena. I brought some organic chocolate cupcakes that I made, but alas, they came out completely dry and gross. But the day was perfect – sunny with a breeze. Not too hot, not too cold. We saw a drugged rhino and something that looked like a baboon but wasn’t.  Such a scary, scary bright red ass.

“Check it out guys!” Andy said. “It’s a baboon!”

“It’s a mandrill,” a ten year old girl corrected him. Andy refused to believe her, even though the sign clearly said Mandrill. He grumbled, “I’m pretty sure it’s a baboon!”

But there were lions and tigers and bears (actually the polar bear was MIA)…all fun times. We bought a snow leopard (Leopard Nimoy) and an elephant (Elephant Gerald) for the boys at the gift shop.

Oh, my Mad Miles. I love you to the moon and back.


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Hey there

It’s been a while. I’ve been a little busy. I took two classes this past couple of months, a fiction workshop at the university where I work, and guitar lessons. Both are done for now, I might resume the guitar lessons in January. Re: the fiction class, I feel like I accomplished what I set out to. I had to write, so I did. AND I let other people read and critique what I wrote without curling into a ball whilst I screamed bloody murder. I wanted to, though. Every class session my stomach would get agitated and would grumblegrumblegrumble as loud as embarrassingly possible. Every. class. session. One time people actually commented on it.  I die. So now I am enjoying some down time, which isn’t much with work and parenthood. But still! There is a sliver.

The boys are both changing in leaps and bounds. Mad Miles is almost walking, he’s pulling himself up and crawling and sitting down on his own. He just cut his first tooth, 3 months before Z got his! He loves to yank my and Andy’s hair, he actually pushes my head to the side while he’s breastfeeding to get a better grip. He pulls DVDs out on the floor, and is really good at dumping my cereal all over my lap. He also is fascinated by any room that he’s not allowed to crawl in (kitchen, bathroom).

Z’s vocabulary has doubled. He’s talking in complete sentences. He blesses me when I sneeze and tells Mad that everything is okay when he screams and cries.  He mimics everything! He actually tried to say Pachycephalosaurus yesterday. Both are incredibly needy, and they only seem to need ME. This is very stressful, because I can’t even go to the bathroom without either of them freaking out. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I bought a new skirt at Anthropologie. It has pockets. POCKETS! I would never have noticed it on the website, but I saw it in the store and LOVED it. The material is thick and warm and lovely.

I also got a new pair of rain/snow boots since my awesome pair from JCrew are far too big. They’re Tretorns and green and basically the most comfy things evar.

I recently saw the thing that is New Moon with Meg and Sara. I had to cover my face several times during the movie. It was all kinds of ridiculous. The hungry kissing, the excessive pecs, and Kristen Stewart’s FACE were just too embarrassing. Oh and Edward’s slow motion walk from his Volvo at the beginning. O_O FOR REAL TWIHARDS? I’m also trying to understand why Graham Greene thought it necessary to take on “Drunken friend who dies so that Edward could mistake his death for Bella’s and do something completely cheesy and dramatic in Italy”. There’s GOT to be something better out there for Native actors, right? RIGHT? *looks around* Oh, right. And back to KS: I swear. to God. Probably the most irritating actress ever. Keeps the hair mussing, lip biting schtick on repeat and it has got to stop!

Andy and I are watching the rest of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight. I’m not feeling it just yet, maybe the last half will win me over. The problem could be that I couldn’t understand a fucking word anyone said. British people! Open your mouths and enunciate!!

The End

For next time: the glory of The Room!

//<—I hate you WordPress.



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My birthday is tomorrow. We’re getting a sitter on Saturday so that we can eat a meal without pausing to take the salt and pepper shakers away from Z, or to shift Mad to the other knee. Maybe then we can enjoy the food we eat instead of shoving it mercilessly into our mouths and down our throats? Good times.  I will miss my little mad men though.

Speaking of which – Z is such a good little mimic, but now he’s also blurting out his own little sentences, mostly commands: Mama sit down on couch, Mama read to yoooooooouuuu, Mama come back. It’s so precious. He also sings! Actual lyrics! But just the catchy ones: he loves the lines “beating like a hammer” (Metric) and “tell me something, tell me something” (David Gray), and “Baby Baby don’t look back” (Fine Young Cannibals, but he says baby baby bo boo back). This is amazing. He must know it too, because whenever we try to capture it on film, he clams up. And Mad Miles – he is a twisting, sitting, scooting, grabbing fool! He is EVERYWHERE. He’ll be crawling any day now, I know it.

Bday presents – Andy got me guitar lessons. I had my first one on Tuesday! It’s slow going, but I am excited. 🙂

I got myself this dress:



Augh, I can’t wait to wear it. I think my Frye boots and tights would look good with it in the winter, not sure which shoes I should wear with it now. Maybe my black mary janes?  My cream peep toes?

I watched the preview for The Lovely Bones and for the most part it looks really good. But I have two issues with casting: Mark Wahlberg and Reece Ritchie. I don’t think Mark Wahlberg is a bad actor or anything, but now every time I hear him speak I see him talking to animals. Plus, his intonation is off : when he says, “Susie would never go off with a stranger, it had to be someone she knew” – it sounds…sing-songy. Stop it, Mark. Stop talking and just look pretty.

Reece Ritchie as Ray Singh? NO. First of all, when I read the book I envisioned a dark skinned Indian boy. Why? Gee, I don’t know: “he had an accent and was dark…”, “They were fueled by the guilt they read into Ray’s dark skin.”, but apparently dark = gently tanned. Silly me. And the “You are beautiful Susie Salmon” line comes across as creepy based on the fact that he is WELL INTO HIS TWENTIES AND LOOKS IT, and she is a baby faced 15 year old. I get that Ray has to age while Susie stays the same, but couldn’t they have hired a younger actor like they did in The Reader and stuck a bushy beard on him later?

I want this on a shirt:

Make Whoopi

Make Whoopi

The End.


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