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And the world spins madly on

So it got bleak for a moment there. I knew it would take some getting used to: juggling three kids, and on my own for the three months that I’m home, with varying needs and demands (and sometimes, all at the same time O_o). Just as I was beginning to feel a little less than overburdened, I GOT PINK EYE. Viral pink eye which is basically THE WORST kind to get? Because it lingers on for WEEKS and WEEKS? And is crazy disgusting to boot?

Yeah. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to curl up in a fetal position or hurl myself off of the St. Johns Bridge.

Pinkeye really, really sucks. Is it one word or two?


Luckily Andy was there to bring me back from the edge. I was also heartened by the fact that I was the only one that got it. I obsessively washed my hands and changed my pillowcases nightly and taped cotton rounds to my eye to keep this bit of loveliness to myself.


You’re also insanely adorable:

I love Halloween. There’s just something about dressing my kids up as predators and hearing people literally squeal in adoration. Because when I was a kid? My mother dressed my sisters and I up in sheets. Sadly we weren’t ghosts. We were wives and mothers of important men in the Bible. Weeeeee. And with that? A fire in my belly was LIT. As I lived and breathed, my children would be sharks and dragons!

P.S. Second best birthday present ever (the first being River)?

Gee Wawa Win Riding Boot.


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My birthday is tomorrow. We’re getting a sitter on Saturday so that we can eat a meal without pausing to take the salt and pepper shakers away from Z, or to shift Mad to the other knee. Maybe then we can enjoy the food we eat instead of shoving it mercilessly into our mouths and down our throats? Good times.  I will miss my little mad men though.

Speaking of which – Z is such a good little mimic, but now he’s also blurting out his own little sentences, mostly commands: Mama sit down on couch, Mama read to yoooooooouuuu, Mama come back. It’s so precious. He also sings! Actual lyrics! But just the catchy ones: he loves the lines “beating like a hammer” (Metric) and “tell me something, tell me something” (David Gray), and “Baby Baby don’t look back” (Fine Young Cannibals, but he says baby baby bo boo back). This is amazing. He must know it too, because whenever we try to capture it on film, he clams up. And Mad Miles – he is a twisting, sitting, scooting, grabbing fool! He is EVERYWHERE. He’ll be crawling any day now, I know it.

Bday presents – Andy got me guitar lessons. I had my first one on Tuesday! It’s slow going, but I am excited. 🙂

I got myself this dress:



Augh, I can’t wait to wear it. I think my Frye boots and tights would look good with it in the winter, not sure which shoes I should wear with it now. Maybe my black mary janes?  My cream peep toes?

I watched the preview for The Lovely Bones and for the most part it looks really good. But I have two issues with casting: Mark Wahlberg and Reece Ritchie. I don’t think Mark Wahlberg is a bad actor or anything, but now every time I hear him speak I see him talking to animals. Plus, his intonation is off : when he says, “Susie would never go off with a stranger, it had to be someone she knew” – it sounds…sing-songy. Stop it, Mark. Stop talking and just look pretty.

Reece Ritchie as Ray Singh? NO. First of all, when I read the book I envisioned a dark skinned Indian boy. Why? Gee, I don’t know: “he had an accent and was dark…”, “They were fueled by the guilt they read into Ray’s dark skin.”, but apparently dark = gently tanned. Silly me. And the “You are beautiful Susie Salmon” line comes across as creepy based on the fact that he is WELL INTO HIS TWENTIES AND LOOKS IT, and she is a baby faced 15 year old. I get that Ray has to age while Susie stays the same, but couldn’t they have hired a younger actor like they did in The Reader and stuck a bushy beard on him later?

I want this on a shirt:

Make Whoopi

Make Whoopi

The End.


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Compiled random thoughts

Preggo brain is so intense that it sticks around for like a year after the fact. My ability to retain memory is shot. “Oh right!” is a constant refrain for me lately. I’ve also been thinking out loud a lot, which can make things awkward. More fun stuff: My hair has been falling out in handfuls at a time -almost forgot how fun this was last time! Our bathroom floor is always covered with it, no matter what I do. And these last ten pounds aren’t taking a fucking hike. Granted, I’ve slowed down my workout regimen (although I still try for 2-3 times a week). And I continue to eat sugar. It’s just so…GOOD. I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so at least I’ve got that going for me.

But otherwise, life has been pretty good. Andy and I might be zombies but we’ve gotten pretty good at sleepwalking. It’s intense, but worth it. My boys are both changing so much lately, in these really amazing ways that make me want to pause everything for a moment, lest they grow up too fast. Mad is rolling over and scooting around and Zain is mimicking every.single.thing. that Andy and I say. You can imagine. And sometimes, he says other things, things that are completely his own thoughts. It’s cuckoo.Everything is big. That truck? BIG truck. The baby I’m holding? BIG baby!

*is distracted* What is up with the intense heat/chilling cold switcheroos round these parts?  I mean, choose one and go with it, Portland.

Um, what else?

Hey, this skirt is pretty:


I want to buy it and wear it with my current pair of favorite shoes:

Happy Feet

Happy Feet

Still haven’t seen 500 Days of Summer, but I will do my darndest to make that happen. Every screenshot I see makes me crave Zooey’s wardrobe. I’m especially drawn to the top (or is it a dress?) below. The “Love will tear us apart” shirt (I see what you did there) is also awesomesauce.

I’m starting a class the end of this month. It’s a short story workshop. I’m equal parts nervous and excited. I haven’t taken a class in almost 9 years (!), I hope I can get back on that bicycle and ride it into the sunset. Am I crazy for adding one more thing to my already heaping plate of responsibilities?


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Crazy beans with a side of awesomesauce

That’s basically my life right now. I’ve got a lot of emotions going on over here. There’s the overwhelming love I feel whenever I look at one (or both) of my boys, the overwhelming sense of pride when Z points at Mad’s nose and says, “No!” which of course means nose, unless he’s not pointing at a nose, and then it means no. He says no. A LOT. So then there’s that overwhelming sense of restraint when he screams it at me: I restrain myself from spanking my kid until he -what did my parents say?- can’t sit down for a week. Then he does something adorable again and I think I could never lift a finger to harm him.

Z is getting really attached to Bearison Ford, his Panda Bear. I think it might have something to do with trying to mimic holding a child himself. In any case, it’s very adorable. He woke up from a nap yesterday very fussy and only calmed down when Andy handed him his bear. (!) Also, he’s very obsessed with learning new words.

I’ve been trying to wear breastfeeding friendly tops to promote less nudity in public (the little we do go out) but to no avail: I exposed my large breasts (which were full of milk and practically bursting out of my bra) to a good many people at Fred Meyer’s a couple of days ago. I was wearing a henley top that decided to pop open at least three buttons – and I remained innocently unaware until I was loading the groceries into the car. *sigh*

I got two wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. Andy took the day off to help out with the kids and I’m glad he did. It was hard to focus on anything besides my aching mouth. I can’t believe you have to pay people to pull teeth out of your head WITH PLIERS. Isn’t that a form of torture? Mind you, the numbing helped with the pain but didn’t keep me from shaking like a leaf in fear. PLIERS.

Zain is throwing a fit. I suppose I should see to that.


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