Swing Swing


SAM_1600Thrifted tunic, Talula tights, Miz Mooz flats

I love this top. I bought it before I was preggo; I’d been looking for a kind of swing tunic, something that was long and flowy and also with a bit of shape.





I’m really not into buying maternity clothes this time around, such a waste of money and also, there really isn’t much out there that is affordable and cute IMO. I’ve been looking for styles that work before and after. The original owner cut the tag off so I have no way of knowing where to get more (BOOOOOO) but I have been going to Goodwill and Value Village looking for something similar.

On another note, my hair! The one year mark came and went as I was feeling like breathing my last at that particular moment so I didn’t properly take note of it. The before shots above were taken last September, and I’ve also had a trim since then. Still, it’s always cool to see progress. I’m loving the stage my hair is in. Oh! Also, I can’t deal with scarves lately, so I bought some satin pillowcases and the difference is AMAAAAZING. LOVE.

Hope everyone had a great 4th! Andy and I took the boys to Sellwood Park and the streets were packed in the neighborhood surrounding it with folks setting off their own fireworks waiting for the big event. These fireworks…I’m flabbergasted. They were INSANE. “Definitely illegal!” Andy said. Okay, so people are setting off these babies, and there were drunk individuals who would hold up a can of beer and hoot at the sky. There would be rounds of applause afterwards. Meanwhile, Mad and Rio were covering their ears and scrambling back into the seats of the stroller, cringing, and I was stumbling back myself, grabbing onto Zain and pulling him into my chest. At one point a young boy apologized for scaring me. Lesson learned. O_O Next year we’ll definitely be watching the fireworks from afar.

It’s been so hot here. Not actually California hot, but living in Oregon has made me a wuss. We’re going to the beach this weekend! I can’t wait.



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