Going green




SAM_1595Thrifted ON dress, thrifted Talula leggings, Miz Mooz flats

I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow. I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m already halfway there,  since twins usually come early.  Pretty please? I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to 40 weeks anyway, I’m already so tired and achy and out of breath from walking up the stairs to my bedroom. I say this even thought they’re moving around as I write this and I love it. But I want to make it to 37 weeks at least, I hope. I want them full term and healthy.

I’m gonna try to force myself make it to prenatal swimming tonight, I’ve been planning on going for the last two weeks but I can’t seem to get myself to get everything together and leave. Sitting or laying in one place is much preferred to MOVING and DOING STUFF. But I know I will enjoy it so I really need to do it.

Z has been out from school for the past several weeks and it’s been a challenge juggling all three boys’ needs (yeah yeah I know, FIVE soon), especially when we go out because I get comments from people about how my hands are full and I’m just so sick of hearing it. It’s usually just a one-off and not an attempt at an actual conversation. Yes, yes, I know. It’s true! Clearly we are all readers of Duh Aficionado magazine. It’s so obnoxious that people think I’m brave simply for leaving the house. The worst is when someone actually says, “Bless your heart!” REALLY? Look, I have stuff to do. Also, my kids will not always be on their best behavior because they’re not effing robots. DEAL. It chaps my hide when one or all of the boys are making a fuss and people get this disgruntled look on their faces as if they didn’t know they were in a “child-friendly zone” or whatever.  Taking your dog everywhere is okay…but kids? Ugh!

Okay, now that I think about it, I AM brave for leaving the house. 😛







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10 responses to “Going green

  1. ::shaking head:: So brave.

    • Jen

      I think you’re supposed to be nodding your head. >.> P.S. Where’s my medal?

      • No, no, it’s better that you get how pitying I am by the shaking of my head.

        Where’s your PARADE.

      • Final thought: please direct future mockers to your bigger little sister. Who will beat them up. ❤

      • Jen

        Aw ❤ Will do!
        I've taken to simply staring at people. One woman at Z's school saw me wrangling the boys as they tried to go in opposite directions and she laughed and said, "Doin' okay? Got 'em all?" I was like -_____-

  2. You look so lovely! Congratulations, on being pretty much halfway there!

  3. I’ve hated the comments that strangers give.

  4. Jess

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog for sometime but I’ve never commented before. I was wondering where you had gone 🙂

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