Ace of Bass




No matter how many times my bangles catch on this sweater, it’s definitely a thrift store score. I LOVE ME SOME IT!

I didn’t know Bass made clothing too, I’d only heard about their saddle shoes (their gorgeous, gorgeous saddle shoes that have horrible, horrible soles that crack almost immediately upon wearing). Every Goodwill I’ve gone to has had a good amount of Bass shirts, though. It’s funny how that works. Certain brands that I’ve never heard of before, like Alfred Dunner, are labels I know I can count on seeing no matter the thrift store. And man, people really love to donate Relic bags!

SAM_1538I can’t stop wearing this sweater.




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3 responses to “Ace of Bass

  1. Kerrie

    Alfred Dunner! That was a Meier and Frank (May Co.) house brand when I worked there (and Karen Scott and Marsh Landing – why do I still know this?), just hearing it instantly takes me back to stocking round racks of faux sweater sets. Although *I* worked in Better Sportswear where we could look down on those labels and stick with our Lauren and Claiborne.
    I love not working in retail!

    • Jen

      Are faux sweater sets the ones with the collar of a shirt underneath and nothing else?
      I need to hear some of your retail stories, btw.
      I’ve seen SO MUCH Karen Scott too. And Liz Claiborne! I can’t wait to thrift during our road trip this summer and hopefully see some different labels.

  2. Kerrie

    Just googled it, not a house brand therefore still being made. Mind BLOWN.

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