Hi there! Just a random post showing off some of the goodies that I’ve found the last several weeks.

SAM_1339Thrifted Fossil dress, thrifted tapestry doctor bag

There’s nothing better than throwing a cute hat on when I don’t want to do my hair, by the way. Does the job nicely.

SAM_1351Thrifted Piretta coat ($7!) and Little Bit Mini-Bag

I found this adorable Anthropologie polka dot Little Bit Mini-Bag at William Temple House.


I decided to take the strap off and put it on my new tapestry bag instead, and use the mini-bag as a wallet. It worked out beautifully, except it took an ungodly amount of time for me to actually wrangle the strap off of that mini-bag/wallet/thing.

SAM_1340I love my new tapestry bag, did I mention?


IMG_1927Thrifted cardigan that I’ve been wearing constantly, see below for proof (Pay no attention to the strap I was using originally. I SAID IGNORE IT.)

SAM_1318Yeeeah, my obsession with doctor bags continues. Usually I’m a just leather type of gal, but lately tapestry bags with leather accents have been spinning in my head. Of course the thing that draws me in every time is the brass hardware. ILOVEIT.



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One response to “Goodies

  1. Kit

    I really like the way you put things together! One of your pictures caught my eye from flickr, and I’m glad to see you’ve got a blog too.

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