The gift of thrift

I’ve been a thrifting MACHINE lately. Driving out to BFE every chance I can get to see what I can find for the change between my couch cushions. LOLOK. I’m still perplexed as to how these thrift stores are selling DONATED TARGET CASTOFFS for more than 99 cents. Every time I come across price tags that say $20 or more I just blink repeatedly. TRULY?! You funny, Goodwill.


Found this amazeballs Crea Concept dress for $12. I’d never heard of the label before. I thought it looked odd on the hanger, with the knit overlay and the silky skirt, but once I touched it I immediately thought HELLOOOO. The fabric felt RULL GOOD. AND THERE BE POCKETS, YO!

I didn’t expect it to fit so perfectly. This is so not the type of dress that I’ve ever gone for, but that’s what makes thrifting so great. Trying out things (cuz of the cheeeap, let’s be real) that you would normally never try out under ordinary circumstances. Making things work when you would normally give up.

As Thomas Aquinas once said, Somebody’s trash is probably your treasure. Or was that John Locke? Anyway, you get it.




Now I just have to find some place to wear it.




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  1. On the stairs. In the house. Underground. With a mouse.

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