Quiverfull of potential!

  When I showed Andy the dress that I found at Value Village for $5.99 he said it looked like something that Quiverfull women wear. YEESH.


SAM_1330What sold the dress for me was the collar and the sleeves, but it is true that the rest of the dress looks kind of…dowdy.

I started playing around with the belt and came up with three ways to potentially wear it:

SAM_1335The most obvious conclusion, cinched waist and straight skirt: a clean look. Andy liked this one the best.

SAM_1337Tying the belt frontwards gives it a nice silhouette, made the skirt look fuller.


Cinching the belt higher brings to mind a regency gown  (totes Pride and Prejudice).

In conclusion: IN YOUR FACE ANDREW!



Filed under Stylefile, Thrift/Vintage

4 responses to “Quiverfull of potential!

  1. Pfft. He’s lucky he’s got looks.

  2. Can’t complain, I like you in my face.

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