More like Laura Smashley

So I found this vintage Laura Ashley at Value Village a couple of days ago. The pattern and the quality of the fabric is what reeled me in, and for 7 bucks I thought: “WHAT COULD IT HARM?”


Let’s pull things in a bit, make it look a little less sloppy.

SAM_1246Pushing up the sleeves greatly improves the look of things, don’t it?


To add a bit of shape let’s button it up a tad.


Ah, getting better. Hey, where my Norwegian Wood harness at? (Oh, did I mention that there’s pockets? Indeed.)


I made the mistake of buttoning the topmost button. It hurt like the dickens.




So many possibilities!

Thrifted Laura Ashley dress, Norwegian Wood harness, HUE Fair Isle sweater tights, Frye boots



P.S. Here’s another dress I thrifted for 7 bucks:

SAM_1260Isn’t she lovely?



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6 responses to “More like Laura Smashley

  1. Kerrie

    I love playing spot the son in your pictures. You’ve sold me on the dress, but I wasn’t immediately convinced.

    • Jen

      Ha! I love how it’s always one and not all three.
      THEN I’VE DONE MY JOB. Ha. What a cool job to have. Yeah, it’s kind of an odd dress but I love it. 😛

  2. JENNIFER. You did it. Magic. AND RIBER!!!!!

  3. I dig it!! Awesome outfit. I, too, love looking for your little ones peeking out the window. : )

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