The Hunt

IMG_0536I saw this pretty cool shirtdress at House of Vintage. It had a full skirt and super cute heart pattern but there were just way too many holes in it. Ah well, on to the next.

IMG_0714My heart went pitter patter at the sight of this one, but alas, the buttons served no purpose and it looked really weird on. Stains, too. Nope!


IMG_0770I wanted this dress BAD (the collar? the fabric? HI.) but, and this is a big but, it kind of hurt to breathe in it.

IMG_0814Cuuute. I like breathing, though.

IMG_0771Louder than I usually go for, but appealing nonetheless. Also, it might be a jacket.


IMG_0781I dropped by Hollywood Babylon and these ladies caught my eye. As soon as I buttoned up the blue dress I thought, “WE HAVE A WINNER.”

SAM_1226I found two pairs of floral tights at Anthro on sale with an additional 25% off. HELL YES. Andy told me that these made me look like a burn victim. Whatever.



SAM_1236LOVE this dress so hard.




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2 responses to “The Hunt

  1. Thanks a lot, Andy. Now all I can see is third degree burns.

    Also, take me shopping with you more often!

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