Hardy Harness




SAM_1136Thrifted dress, Norwegian Wood harness, Zara tights, Tretorn boots, awesome hair

1. So um, be prepared to see these Tretorn boots in every post because I’m lazy and they’re sooper easy to put on and they’re also crazy warm and it’s so cold outside sorry I’m not sorry.

2. This Norwegian Wood harness is tha bomb ass diggity. But then we already knew that.

3. I reeeeally want to see Catching Fire. And The Best Man Holiday.

4. Excited about eating pumpkin cheesecake on Turkey Day (also known as Ham Day).

5. I’ve been participating in Nanowrimo this past month, and while I doubt I’ll meet the goal of 50k, I’ve already made it halfway and that feels pretty good to me! I’ve never written this much, ever! It was definitely the push I needed! I’m pretty confident that I’ll keep it up. This is me, EXCITED. (Also, congrats to my amazing husband Andy for meeting the goal a week early!)




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4 responses to “Hardy Harness

  1. THAT CLIP. Gosh, that show was the balls. And also, Catching Fiiiiiire (said like Cyril’s “supressing fiiiiiiiiire!”) and congrats to you, my lovebucket of love, on your awesome Nano stylings!

  2. Not only are you super adorable in your harness-wear, but you’re doing awesome with your writing.

    Also: Just the shape of her mouth forming the H is cracking me up, even though I can’t watch at the moment.

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