Twist out + satchel + feather dress = YEP!

SAM_1046Fossil cardigan, thrifted dress and satchel, Sock Dreams tights, Tretorn boots

I saw this satchel at Give and Take Resale and was like: “Helloooo.” But then I decided that I didn’t need it, as I have a grillion purses. LOLOK. I went back the next day and bought it. Because I NEED a satchel, mkay? So it’s by Jack Georges? Never heard of him. But the leather feels delish, yo.



SAM_1041I’m really delighted with the results of my twist out. Bouncy!




Filed under Stylefile, Thrift/Vintage

4 responses to “Twist out + satchel + feather dress = YEP!

  1. *I’m* delighted with the result of your twist out.

  2. Nayeli

    Hello! This is in fact a JackGeorges piece! One of our earlier styles. You can see more of our bags in our website We’re glad you liked our piece!

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