It’s getting hairy

It’s been 6 months since I chopped my hair off and I made a couple of collages to see how much it’s grown. Answer: So much! Yay me! Also, it’s still a little shocking to see how much I cut, how short it was!


sixmonthsI’m still loving fingercoils, but my hair is long enough now to do two strand twists.

Here’s a pic of my twist-out last month:

91013twistsLots of shrinkage!

Let’s see what that looks like picked out a bit:


Having short hair has been great though, I’m really enjoying it. I wouldn’t say it’s been easier simply because it’s shorter, but wearing it naturally is definitely less stressful. I wore it straight for such a long time. I love not having to worry about proper coverage (still love hats and hoodies, don’t get me wrong), frizz levels, etc. Rain, keep falling on my head!





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3 responses to “It’s getting hairy

  1. It’s always shocking to see how short it was! Looking at my pics from the Christmas in California trip, I was all, I did WHAT now?

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