Jack, where’d the sun go?




SAM_0862Fossil cardigan, thrifted Laura Ashley dress (Little Edie’s), thrifted Brahmin bag (Rerun), HUE tights, Born brogues

Rain. It falls again. But hooray for tights!! Because shaving my legs is such a bore.

I found this purse at Rerun the other day. I haven’t been in there in ages and I went in on a whim, since I was in the area. I’m so happy I did! I’ve been wanting a black satchel, and this one is in such good condition and was a steal – $12! The leather is so soft and supple. I kind of like buying old purses because they’re already broken in and I don’t have to feel guilty about throwing them onto sticky counters.

Here are some Brahmin bags that I am drooling over:




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2 responses to “Jack, where’d the sun go?

  1. You outfit is major fabulous. You look so cute!
    Also that orange/purple bag and the polka dot bag are totally rocking my world!

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