Blue Makola

So I went to Portland Flea for the first time a couple of weeks ago and found two dresses for TWO DOLLARS EACH that completely rock my socks off (I keep thinking that I should’ve bought the entire booth since everything was $1 or $2 but it literally keeps me up at night so I probably should let it go).

Here’s one of them. Meet Blue Makola:




As soon as I got home I googled the Makola line and I found this article. What’s up Madison Ave?! O_O TWO DOLLARS.

She needs to be taken in and shortened (probably to the knee), but isn’t she preeeeetttttty?


I love her to bits.



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4 responses to “Blue Makola

  1. PLEASE. Go to shin length before you jump to knee, because this dress could be all things to all women. Think Far From Heaven, dinner party length with popped collar. NOM.

  2. Christen

    I just bought one almost identical at a local thrift, but mine has elbow length sleeves. Does yours seem to have been altered ?

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