Ode to Old Navy

SAM_0637Goorin hat, AA shirt, ON skirt, Born brogues



Meet my Old Navy striped pencil skirt (ONSPS for short). I’ve never worn it out of the house, poor thing. It’s led such a sheltered life.

See, I like the way it hugs my hips (which is a shocker since I tend to hide them underneath full skirts), but I’m not a fan of how much rounder it makes my stomach look. Maybe I should wear it with an oversized sweatshirt? That might be the ticket.

Speaking of Old Navy:


Yet another (COMFORTABLE AS EFF) jersey dress!


P.S. True story: Old Navy used to be my most favoritest store evar.



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7 responses to “Ode to Old Navy

  1. That’s the same one I had in torquoise and white! Also. O_O Get thee to Target for the dress that both I and Auntie Annie bought. O_O Because herro. And I wore it today and if my camera weren’t broken, I’d show you because it is the most comfortable thing I OWN.

  2. I love old navy for easy dresses. Its my go to for maxi dresses and I love that I can get them in petites online. I have a stripe skirt like that from madewell and I like to wear it with peplum tops and anything almost trapeze shaped. I bet it would also look good with a low tied buttondown.

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