Extreme Thunder!


Thrifted shirt (Etsy), UO jeans, Chucks

I’m actually way more jazzed about this shirt than my face lets on. EXTREMELY. JAZZED. And who wouldn’t be with lightning bolts zig-zagging across their chest?

I found this shirt for Z’s birthday party in June. The theme? Puppies. Just kidding. MONSTER TRUCKS! The plan was for all of us to wear the tackiest shirts that I could possibly find, the ones that I’d always spied at Goodwill and the like. I’d always wondered, “Who would buy that thing?” Ha! Me. Apparently when you actually want to buy tacky monster truck shirts they vanish? So I took to Ebay and Etsy. Wow! People expect a LOT of money for these things! Who knew? So Andy had to go without. All of the men’s shirts were priced up the wazoo.I know he felt left out…but what can you do?

Cool, that rhymed.


There. A little more jazzed.

These jeans are the love of my life. They are the life of my love. I used to think that Levi’s were the only way to go, but then I saw a post of Orchid Grey‘s and I decided to give Urban Outfitters a try. It was a good decision. I have five pairs now and my hips are HAPPY.



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