The short and long of it

Short dress:



I’m on the lookout for an extender slip (Molly of Anthromollogies has the best slips!) that will make this blue BB Dakota dress more wearable for me. I love the color and the shape but I’m not comfortable with the length, and although I wear jean shorts underneath, I need moar thighs covered. This is really cute, but I’m not feeling the price. Must…keep…looking…

Long skirt:


SAM_0606Say hi to Mad! He wanted to be a featured on the blog. 🙂

I found it for $5 at Lodekka. I was planning on having it shortened, but I’m thinking of keeping it long. I like curling up in a chair and covering my feet with the fabric. It’s the little things.



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4 responses to “The short and long of it

  1. Keep it long! You can always fake-shorten it when you wanna wear it a different way!

  2. You could try free people for fun slips and the red skirt is perfect.

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