Jen the Riveter




SAM_0560Amazon bandana, JCrew shirt and skirt (gifted), thrifted belt, Pink Studio sandals

Check out my new ‘do! Have to thank Natalie of the Tiny Closet for this one. I’m loving it! It’s great for the bad hair days.

Also, I was complimented on my outfit by a Buffalo Exchange employee who said I looked really “fun!” and “summery!”. Which was exactly what I was going for, so score. Huzzah!




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4 responses to “Jen the Riveter

  1. Shut UP, that’s how I’ve been wearing my bandana. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Jk, stay in there. Twinsies! (And duh, you look adorbs comme d’habitude.)

  2. I really like this one. Cute. I keep planning to use bandanas and headbands more and always forget.

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