California, here I come




Goorin hat, Fossil cardigan, UP shirt, thrifted skirt, Born brogues

I’m off to Cali for a few days for my older sister’s graduation (congrats Anastasia!). You’d think I was going to be gone for a month or something by the way I’ve been carrying on. I tried to talk about my trip to the boys and Mad got pissed. He said he wanted to go too, and then when I said that he couldn’t, he told me he wanted to get on a helicopter and fly away from me. It made me laugh. And cry.  Zain yelled at Mad for being mean and Mad just got meaner: he told me that he was cross with me, that he was greatly displeased. Ouch!

Man, I love that kid.

I’m off to watch Zach Gilford related things.


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