At Mt Tabor Park on 420. Place was packed with YOUTHS.


Feeling very Dr. Seuss here.


O hai high-waist pants! You know, suspenders would really bring this whole outfit together. Also: Urkel.


Man, those stairs are funny. CHUCKLE!

Dudes. I’m just sitting here sweating, looking at these pictures where I’m wearing things that cover my limbs. Man alive, it is HOT right now. And I love it.

Me: I love Portland. We could stay a while. Let’s stay a while.

Andy: You say that every time the weather gets nice.

Me: I do, don’t I?

Andy: Shhhh. It’s okay.

Today we took the boys to Jamison Square and I let the boys splash me to their hearts content after which I went over to Andy where he sat under the shade of a tree, watching Rio climb in and out of the stroller and gave him a nice big HUG. Or twelve.

Andy: Okay, okay. Don’t be a douche.

Me: What?

Andy: You suck.

Me: Why aren’t you hugging me?

Andy: I am!


There were a ton of people there, lots of little boys named Asher (Andy: Aren’t you happy I vetoed that one?) and little girls in bikinis (Me and Andy: O_O) and this bodybuilder guy who had the longest, NASTIEST yellow toenails.

Andy (whispering): Hey, when you get the chance, turn around and check out this guy’s toenails behind you.

Me: Are they scary?

Andy: Just unexpected.

Eff that, they were SCARY.



Hope everyone had a happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’m off to watch some Graham Norton on Youtube.




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3 responses to “Cinco

  1. Kerrie

    Have I rold you that Graham is on TV here every night? Not my TV, because it’s after 9.30 and I am old, but if you were here you could watch it all the time.
    WHAT ARE BABY BIKINIS HIDING? Pet peeve of mine. If the baby’s parents want to expose a baby’s belly (way easier for diaper changes, as I’ve learned), just let the kid run around in bottoms. Grrrrrr.

    I actually commented just so I could tell you that your hair looks awesome.

  2. You make me laugh, and smile. Sometimes the order reverses.

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