Black, White and Floral




Aw, look at my little Rio photobombing! Presh.

This is an outfit from a couple of weeks ago, before the haircut. You know, I really dig this whole floral-stripe-combo thing. Thanks to whoever got that started. Also, do you see how the floral side of the  skirt is popping out to say hello to the tank? How sweet.

Yeah, I’m a dork.

That’s really all I came here to say.



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One response to “Black, White and Floral

  1. She’s got le-eeegs! (Remember that? And how now it just tells people what generation we are? And she knooows how to use them!! Pfft. As if I *don’t*! ::falls down::)

    Hey. That skirt is so stupid hawt, I crapped myself.

    This has been a message from revision-brain-Bethany in the wee small hours of the morn-ting.

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