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I told you I love this shirt, didn’t I? I’m wearing it out, yo: I’ve found two holes in it already! Damn you, JCrew Factory, with your tissue tees that rip like actual toilet paper! I’m not flushing it down the toilet just yet though. I’m sure I have a needle and thread around here somewhere…

Eh, I’ll just send it to the cleaners.


SAM_0180You’ll totally care about this next bit: this dress gapes in the front so I pinned it up with my super cute Atlantic Treefox cross-stitched buttons. GASP.


Me: TA DA!!!! I pinned it!

Andy: Did you pin your pins on Pinterest?

Me: No, I pinned my dress.

Andy: But did you pin your dress that you pinned on Pinterest?

Ba dum chhhhh.

The End.



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