We got out both days this weekend which is rare. Well, lately anyway due to the weather. In the warmer months we’re often out and about. But when it’s cold? I like to sit on the couch in my robe under Zain’s favorite blue blanket.

Everything was swallowed in fog on Saturday so naturally we went and spun around in it. FYI – I’m freezing in those pics because I took my coat off so that you could see the super cool snowflake and stripes action. Mad was smart and kept his on, looking incredibly adorable as usual.



Sunday the fog burned off and we got some sun so we took the boys to the park to drive their new cars around. This time I kept my coat on. I hardly ever wear this one, mostly because I feel like it makes me look like an eccentric bag lady. But it’s incredibly warm so I pulled it out. Why did I ever think of giving this coat away? It’s awesome. It’s got these great puffed shoulders and an awesome collar/lapel all in this great sturdy green tweed.

Rio looks like such a big kid casually walking behind me, where did my baby go?


Here’s me jumping. Z could care less about my skillllz.



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