Jupe means skirt in French

One of my Christmas presents was this fantabulous Expedition skirt by Bonjour Biqui. Beautifully made, it’s like a party in the front and business in the back. Flirty flowers and steady stripes.


I paired up my floral tights with the floral side the other day. Got a little crazy there for a moment.



1st pic: Fossil sweater and shirt, BB skirt, HUE tights, OTBT booties, Fossil bag.

2nd & 3rd pic: Tulle coat, gifted scarf, JCrew shirt, Hansel from Basel tights, Sock Dreams socks.


The black and white stripes begged to be paired up with a bow tie, oxfords and my houndstooth cap.



UO hat, Buffalo Exchange shirt, Thrifted belt, BB skirt, HUE tights, Born oxfords. The tie is just a strip of Liberty Ornithology fabric.

Every time they see me in a full skirt my boys have been asking me: “Mama, are you a princess?”  Most of the time it’s when I’m wearing Bonjour Biqui, and I have to say, I definitely feel like one when I’m wearing their clothes.




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9 responses to “Jupe means skirt in French

  1. ::standing disturbingly still, quaking::
    ::eyes widening::
    ::knuckles white::
    ::explosion imminent::

  2. I am smashing my face into the monitor now.

  3. Blanquita

    Jen- You are tres fabuleux! Love the way you styled the skirt. GORGEOUS on you! xox Blanquita

  4. Alex

    You have a wonderful sense of style! Found your site by looking up Hansel from Basel floral tights!

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