Twenty Thirteen

A week ago, Andy and I rang in the New Year. And by “rang” I mean “slept through”. But! We did manage to drink some alcohol: I had a glass of some expensive Merlot Andy’s coworker gave him and Andy had a glass of Woodford Reserve. I had a tiny sip of WR and it tasted like lighter fluid. My own drink tasted like woodchips. Together they tasted like BURNING FLAMES IN MY MOUTH. I’m still pretty certain that alcohol can occasionally taste good. I once had a glass of wine several years ago at my grandmother-in-law’s saloon. I have no idea what the brand was or what type of wine it was but daaaamn, it was smooth. I never knew wine could taste like that.

Anyway. Here’s to 2013! There are some big changes in store for me – this is my last week of work, and then it’s going to be adventures in staying at home 8 days a week. In case you think I can’t count the number of days in a week, that was a reference to a highly successful Beatles song. I’m glad we’re clear on that. Anyway, I’m a little nervous and hope to god I don’t screw up my kids. Because MISTAKES WILL BE MADE. *chuckles maniacally* Probably.

My resolutions for 2013 HOLLLLLER

1. Don’t screw up my kids

2. Speak up in the moment more often instead of obsessing over things not said

3. Write every day

4. Curb unnecessary spending

5. Have more dates with Andy

And with that friends, countrymen…check out these lovely floral tights that I bought on sale from Hansel from Basel for 6 dollars.








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2 responses to “Twenty Thirteen

  1. FUDGE NUGGETS, YOU GOT SOME! I waaaaant! Wear them for us both, Twin.

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