Hardy Harness


I hadn’t worn my harness in a while and then I went crazy a couple of weeks ago and wore it twice in a span of a few days. Shocking.



 It really does make every outfit 10 times better.

Also, I got some new brogues that I love the hell out of. Thirty dollars. Hell YES.


toodsP.S. I can’t stop listening to this song. I kinda have a crush on Bruno Mars now.



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3 responses to “Hardy Harness

  1. Kaori

    I just randomly came across your site when I was googling pictures for playdate PDX to take my son to, and saw your cute outfit. Then I noticed your books blog! Where have you been!? AND then I was checking out some other posts of yours and was like “her son looks like mine albeit a few years older”. I don’t see a lot of families like ours around here… I’m in Vancouver. Anyway I love your blogs, are they also on FB?


    • Jen

      Hi Kaori!
      Thanks so much!! My blogs aren’t on FB, I feel weird promoting myself.
      I’ve been here! 🙂 Where have YOU been? How long have you lived in Vancouver? We lived there for about a year before deciding to move back to Portland.
      I attend a moms of color playdate once or twice a month, you should definitely come! I can email you the deets if you’d like.

      • Kaori

        Yes, I would love that! Thank you so much!

        We moved from Savannah, I lived in SE PDX for 3 years, and we moved to the Couve 6 months ago. I like the idea of a slower pace but still having access to the city.


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