Birthday Dress

Warning: Gratuitous capslock. Reader discretion is advised.

I’ve been acquiring a lot of really cool, one-of-a-kind dresses lately and with each purchase I still clench my fists and cry into the mist, “Somewhere…out there…BENEATH THE PALE MOONLIGHT! Some dress is even MORE awesome than this and I will find it, mark my words.”

Then I spied the Studio Dress by Bonjour Biqui and lo, it blew my mind.

Two dresses in one. With pockets.

REVERSIBLE?! POCKETS?! REVERSIBLE?! Oui, s’il vous plait!

I told Andy, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY HOMG.” And he said, “So buy it.”

What a great man.

I can’t decide which pattern makes me happier.

A more awesome dress I’ll never find. It’s just so incredibly well made and simply gorgeous and I know I’ll cherish it forever. And if wishes were dresses, I’d um…have SIX. Because I’d have three.


Anyway, I’m already saving up for a skirt. Need all the things, toute de suite.



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7 responses to “Birthday Dress

  1. Holy wads of juicy butt fat, batgirl. I LOVE. First side is my favorite. Reversible is the balls and pockets are my superhero.

    • Jen

      Shut your MOUTH. Juicy butt fat though? COMMENCE LAUGHTER.
      I think the first side is my favorite too. 🙂
      A superhero named Pockets? I’d like to see that outfit!

  2. Thanks for the capslock warning, would have lost it otherwise. <.< You are SUPER ADORABLE. With wings.

  3. That dress is fantastic! I love the floral side.

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