Happy Legs


Tights: Happy Socks. Everything else: Same old stuff.

Finally got those tights I’d been lusting after for a year. Actually, I bought them a while ago but it hasn’t been cool enough to wear tights until recently. They’re crazy itchy so I have to wear another (softer, much more comfortable) pair underneath, but they’re hella cute. And I couldn’t resist pairing them with my polkadot dress.

Speaking of happy legs…

My eldest, Z, started kindergarten a month ago. His school has a code of dress: collared white, navy blue or burgundy shirts/sweaters/vests and khaki, navy blue, or blue/red plaid pants.

Naturally, I had to find him a pair of plaid pants. What’s up, Ebay?!

Loves him some piggies!

And check out that super cute lunchbox I found on sale at gap.com. OMGizzle.

Everyone at school can’t stop talking about his awesome plaid pants. “He’s the best dressed kid in school!” one of the teachers told me.

That’s my boy.



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6 responses to “Happy Legs

  1. Kerrie

    All of these pictures are full of awesome. Polka dots! Every detail of Z, his clothes and accessories. It’s all awesome.

  2. Holy crap, I’m afraid I will crush him with my love. O_O I can’t even.

  3. your little boy is adorable. i love the pants & the lunch box.

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