Flapper Girl

This morning as I was getting out of my supremely hip minivan, a group of ROTC kids ran by me. “Check out that amazing view, gentlemen!” one of them grunted. There were more grunts of agreement and I’m not gonna lie: I began to strut. Then I noticed the splindiferous sunrise behind me. Pinks and Blues and Yellows, totally upstaging me.

Ah, well.

Check it.

Porch Light cloche, Fossil cardigan, Nordstrom blouse, (old!)Express skirt, Chie Mihara mary janes

As I was leaving the bathroom this afternoon I heard a man say, “You look like you’re going dancing!” I looked behind me, just in case. Nah, he was talking to me. No sunrise in sight. Also, I looked like a damn flapper.

“Thanks?” I said.

He laughed and walked off and I totally missed my chance to do this:



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2 responses to “Flapper Girl

  1. Venus

    I found your blog from flickr……I love this outfit. The colors are great on you. And the hat is to die for.

    I’ll be back to follower you,
    Venus Cruz

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