Green jeans are the Ant’s Pants

Saw some green jeans on Cakies and I had to have them tout de suite:

I love them. They rock my world.

We just put the boys to bed and they keep calling out to me and Andy: Daddy! Give me 40 kisses! or Mama! Give me zero kisses!

It’s very cute if not a little heartbreaking. Is it too much to ask that my kids like me the best?

We’re heading to Victoria and Vancouver (BC) later this week, I can’t wait. It’s been too long since our last vacation. Although I’m not sure that’s the right word for a trip taken with three rambunctious boys (did I mention that Rio is WALKING now? Crazy cakes.) but it should be fun! I keep telling people that we’re going to Alberta and I have no idea why, maybe because they’re both female names? But no, whoops. I’m not going anywhere near Alberta. Not that I don’t want to. Some day I’ll make it there, and Toronto and Labrador Retriever and PEI because well, duh:



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