Dappled Donna

Fossil cardigan, Gap dress (Buffalo Exchange), thrifted belt, Biviel t-straps, self-made monocle necklace

I feel like Donna Reed in this dress.

Has anyone seen my bigger knife?

Coincidentally, I just did a GRIP of laundry yesterday. But not in this dress. On my stay home days during the week, there’s no way I would be wearing this dress to do laundry and clean things. Because that’s just stupid. I stay in black sweatpants and a shapeless top (the easier to breastfeed in). I’m usually covered in drool (River’s) and possibly boogers (also River’s). Sometimes I even forget to brush my teeth. Kids, it’s not a pretty sight. Not like perfectly coiffed Donna up there.

Oh, Donnas.

Go on and break me off. BREAK ME OFF!



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4 responses to “Dappled Donna

  1. Um, you’re stupid good-looking. STUPID.

  2. that dress looks great on you. i love the silhouette & the bold blue shoes.

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