Flower Girl

Ralph Lauren Rugby shirt, Fossil belt and pumps, Gap skirt, The Bridge gladstone bag (Ebay)

I bought this skirt for my dad’s shotgun wedding several years ago and I haven’t gotten that much use out of it, oddly enough. It’s the perfect skirt for a day like today and I couldn’t resist pairing it with my Fossil Flora pumps and my flower stud earrings (hidden by hair).

Wait. *hums*

Flowers in my hair. FLOWERS EVERYWHERE.

I actually strolled today, the weather was so nice. I bent my knees real good and everything.

Spring, spring, spring! Wow, Ephraim really needs to dial it back. When my sisters and I were kids WE were the brides of the seven brothers: Frank and Gideon were mine, Anastasia got Adam and Benjamin, and Bethany chose Caleb, Daniel and Ephraim. I can honestly say that if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing. *nods* I chose well. Of course, when it came to choosing Chipmunks, I didn’t have much sense. Theodore? What was I thinking?! Alvin, all the way.

Andy: Who chooses CHIPMUNKS?

Says the guy who crushed on Thundercats.


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2 responses to “Flower Girl

  1. To Andy: You….know nothing about our family, sir. We chose everything that can be choosed. O_O “Got ‘im!” was a powerful phrase, please believe. But we were diplomats. We regularly entertained peace talks (husband swapping – or compromises: I had Christopher Reeve in, like, Superman 3?)…Also, I had Howard Keel (Adam) in Kiss Me Kate. And Hortensio. (There were three suitors…of course we divvied them!)

    • Jen

      We surely did.Swap and divvy and cry a little bit too. And I think I got whoever Frank was in Kiss Me Kate. Er, Tommy Rall. I mean, Bill Calhoun. Lucentio!
      Ah…good times.

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