Le Random

Tulle jacket, Dizzee’s hoodie, Fossil shirt, J. Crew skirt, Sock Dreams tights, Unisa Ranier boots

1. Tulle had this amazeballs sale this past holiday season (50% off all jackets and coats, including those already marked down!) and it gave me the nudge I needed to finally buy this jacket that I’d had my eye on for several months. I love the ruffled back!

2. So I was looking at some of the google (spellcheck is pissed that I’m not using a CAPITOL G) search terms that people use to find my blog lately:

photos girls wearing saddle oxfords and panties

“dress stuck in”

wellies pregnancy

Consider me AMUSED.

3. DOWNTON ABBEY. Season Two, ya’ll. Finally.

Holy Crap, I love this show.

Ah, William. You are my favorite with that thing you do with your mouth that makes me want to clutch your head to my breast and fight all your battles (geddit?!). I love William so much that I’m afraid they’ll Wash him. Not with soap and water but you know. You know. *sob* Oh, Wash!

Cora, you are NOT my favorite with that thing you do with your mouth, what is WITH the pouting and Marilyn-esque delivery ?

Can’t resist Matthew and Mary, and because I can’t and neither can you, they’ll probably never get together just to make sure I PINE FOREVER. Oh, and tune in. Which I will. Because I am a fool.

4. Also? I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while:

Oh, swoon. This movie is so delicious. Utter perfection. I foolishly decided to (try to) watch the other (2 million) versions of Jane Eyre to compare them all. BAD IDEA. Couple of thoughts:

If Mia Waskowska is the best (and she is),

Anna Paquin is the worst. I mean, just look at that expression. Narrowed eyes? REALLY? Come now.

And William Hurt?


I’m sorry, I have to cleanse my palette:

Ah. That’s better.



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