Yes, in Tweed(y)

Jacket: Nordstrom Rack (ages ago). Cardigan and Shirt: Fossil. Jeans: UO. Boots: Gee WaWa.

Hope everyone had a merry christmas!

1. Check out those glorious rays of sunshine. I took this several days ago before the doom and gloom struck. *looks out the window* Blech. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas (in California). This was the first year in a while that we didn’t spend there for the holidays. BUT as I write this post, my family is on their way here to sing in the rain with me! Which remind me, I bought one of these bad boys FINALLY:

and look, I’ve filled my silver lining quota for the day.

2. Every day I love these boots more and more. I love that I can cuff them or pull them up to my knees or make them all slouchy. The Best.

3. I don’t know if this jacket/blazer is technically tweed, but go with it. My true tweed jacket that was apparently made in Uruguay is still too small for me. Oh, I love tweed. I would wear it everyday if I could. Can I have ALL OF THE TWEEDS?


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