Boom, c’est moi!

Hat: Dizzie’s in SLO. Shirt: Target Maternity. Shorts: Lilytoad. Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (Born -$30!).

Check out Mad in the window. So freaking adorable.

  Shirt: Old Navy Maternity. Skirt: Target Maternity.

Shirt and Pants: Old Navy Maternity. Bag: Fossil. Sandals: Pink Studio.

Not much to say: 34 weeks and my selection of clothes is growing smaller.

I recently watched Mad Men S4 over a span of two days.

So good, although this was me every episode: “What are you doing, Don? Again?! Don’t sleep with her, for the love of GOD. STOP!” Such a man-whore.

Also? I LOVE YOU, MISS. BLAKENSHIP. Easily the best thing about Season Four. DONE. NAILED IT.

Meanwhile January Jones continues to befuddle me with her presence on this show. She is the weak link.

Looking forward to The Good Wife S2 coming out on DVD next month so that I can watch it as well.

What else? Oh, I read The Help. I’ll go into more detail later but for now: Not for me. It was well-written and definitely interesting (as evidenced by the fact that I tore through it in a day and a half), but it was incredibly self-congratulatory and left a bad taste in my mouth. And after reading the book’s afterward I also felt the need to kick the author in the teeth.




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5 responses to “Boom, c’est moi!

  1. you look so CUTE in your blue shirt!

  2. and it’s GOTTA be hard to look winsome at 34 wks. my hat’s off to you!

  3. Super adorable and super. pregnant. I love it. I want to adopt your baby please. Is it wrong to be irritated by The Help when I have only a passing knowledge of it and a snippet of a quote from another Black women about it? The quote in question was something along the lines of, “I was gonna go all the way to the theater to see The Help but instead I’ll just slap a heifah closer to home.” I’m doing the Perturbed Older Black Woman look right now, too.

    • Jen

      Nice. I sure did feel like slapping someone after reading it.
      I was irritated by it before I read it as well. And I have to say that reading other Black women’s reactions to it helped stoke the fire in my gut- I mean, you do have to wonder if this would even be on a bestseller list if it was written by a black author (besides Toni Morrison).
      I tried not to be biased while reading it, though.

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