Sing sing sing

Lately Zain and Mad, but mostly Mad, have been asking Andy and I to sing to them REPEATEDLY before they decide to finally go the f@%^ to sleep. Andy wrote this really beautiful poetic song for them about sheep in the meadow and widows at the well and they LOVE it. “Sing Sheep in the Meadow!” they cry in between the CLASSIC “Uh-oh. Have to go potty!” fake-outs.

After I sing Sheep in the Meadow a couple times, Mad inevitably asks me to sing Downbound Train to him. Turns out he’s a Springsteen fan, just like his dad. I don’t know all of the words and also Springsteen sings with marbles in his mouth so I usually just make garbled noises when I sing along. Andy finally buckled and looked up the lyrics so that he could sing him the damn thing, but I am having way too much fun just coming up with my own.

Madrox: Sing Downbown Twain!

Me: Um, I don’t know that one.


Me: Okay.  *clears throat*

*singing* I don’t know…the words to this song, but you’re gonna…sing along.

Mad: -_-

Me: And I got laid off and I had no job and then I had to get…another job.

Mad: -_-

Me: *remembering some words* And now I’m working down at the –


Me: where all it does is rain. Don’t you feel like you’re on a ride on a –


Me: He said Bob, I gotta job….

Mad: She said JOE. I gotta go.  *continues singing softly*

Me: O_O Take it away Mad!

And he sings in his precious baby voice unintelligibly and then I have to -HAVE TO- snack on his neck.


Oh. Here’s an outfit.

Shirts: Motherhood and Old Navy Maternity. Skirt: Target Maternity. Mary Janes: Pink Studio.

Thirty weeks.

This kid never stops moving, for real. And I love it. I’ll miss it when he’s on the outside. Heh – that kind of makes him sound like a prison convict.



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  1. ! 🙂
    I uh… yeah our kids are awesome.

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