Dress it up (preggo version)

Dress: Target Maternity. Sandals: Pink Studio.

Shirt/dress/thing: Old Navy Maternity. Dress: Goodwill. Tie/belt: off another dress. Flats: Gianni Bini.

Dear Bethany, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Love, Jen

Anyway, I tried layering this awkward length maternity shirt over my awesome Goodwill dress kind of like I did here. To complete this “look” I stole a sash from one of my other dresses and tied it nice and snug above my bump…and then it gradually made its way under my breasts and became lodged there and eventually became soaked with sweat. Ah, boobs. I’ll enjoy them while they last.

I hope everyone had a great 4th! We just took the boys to the park and then came home and barbequed some hot dogs. Then we fell asleep to the sounds of explosions and possibly gunfire. Which reminds me…this one time Andy called my dad for his ribs recipe and successfully made them and we were blissfully full and covered in barbeque sauce afterwards so I’m thinking we should attempt that again at some point. And by we I mean he. Because what is Independence Day without RIBS?!

Here’s a picture of the boys and I standing in a tree circle:


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One response to “Dress it up (preggo version)

  1. “…and then it gradually made its way under my breasts and became lodged there.” I. DIE. Hilarious.

    Also? You could always make my dry rub ribs. Which I did. Also, I’m calling you right now. So pick up your phone.

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