Shoes, glorious shoes!

Necklace: exex. Shirts: Fossil. Jeans: Urban Outfitters. Heels: Biviel.

So maternity clothes (also known as muumuus and clown pants) suck. Basically. I’m trying to fight against the need to wear them, but it’s a battle I WILL lose. So I’ve become fixated on shoes since my feet are still small and slender (knock on wood). I pulled out my teal Biviels the other day when it wasn’t pouring outside and felt instantly perked up.  And I’ve recently purchased two pairs that I am completely jazzed about.

Fossil Flora pumps. I wanted these in black but they sold out. EVERYWHERE. Whatever, Dillard’s had them in cream? For $30 cheaper? I’LL TAKE THEM. Those stacked heels are glorious. Glorious, I say!

Seychelles A Kiss at Midnight pumps.

I couldn’t pass these up, great price ($30!) + super cute= done. DONE. MOAR HEEL DROOLING. Also, Did I mention that both pair are CRAZY comfortable? Although getting the shoes ON is a bit of a challenge. Might need Andy’s help from here on out.



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2 responses to “Shoes, glorious shoes!

  1. Firstly. YES. Yes.
    Secondment: Those shoes were out in Black because Baby Jesus knew in his infinitive nursery wisdom that they could ONLY be had in brown. GORGy PORGy.
    Threedom. Seychelles made the most classic and lovely of all the bajillion black flats I’ve had in my life (until the current ones which I love heartily) and the ones you’re wearing are. for. death. To die for. And dead.

    • Jen

      Exactly. EXACTLY.
      Have you ever wanted to sit and stroke your shoes for hours on end? That’s how I feel. THY WILL BE DONE.
      I have another pair of Seychelles that I got through Amazon during one of their awesome sales and although I don’t wear them often, I think of them fondly. Plus they’re cute. Need more Seychelles.

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