Not feeling it

Cardigan: Gap. Shirt: AE. Jeans: Urbn. Booties: Unisa.

Ebay vintage fur collar. Fossil cardigan. JCrew shirt. Urban jeans. Doc Marten wingtips.


I am so not feeling this challenge the second time around. Most of it is the fact that I’ve been feeling horrible (mentally and physically) and don’t want to get out of bed, much less get dressed. Not to mention the fact that I hate like 99% of the pictures I’ve been taking.

God. I really have to pull myself out of this funk. Anyway. Maybe I’ll do a 15 for 30 or a 20 for 30?

Sorry to be such a bummer.

Here are some outfits that make me happy:

all via The Sartorialist




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12 responses to “Not feeling it

  1. I totally understand not being in the mood to do anything. I have many mornings where I simply can’t seem to get out of bed and its hard to turn on a smile and head to work. I hope that you are able to get out of your funk soon.

    The last outfit inspiration shot is great. I’m digging his orange belt. Also, isn’t it funny how cool all those leather shoes are, I remember hating styles like that when I was little now they could not be more fresh.

    • Jen

      Thanks Fallon, I hope so too!
      I love that orange belt as well, and the texture of his shirt!
      I’ve always loved oxfords/brogues/wingtips, they seem so timeless and classic to me. I really like the combination of the brown ones with the black and white striped socks in the first picture!

  2. i have sympathy for your lethargy. were i not a nursing student, with clients who need meeds, i would be right there with you (er, not with you in YOUR bed, you know, er, um, feeling the same way in MY bed…)

    you still look fabulous and have a shoe collection to envy!

  3. You can dress me up like that last dude if you want, but I doubt I’ll wear it as well :P.

  4. my husband’s back has been hurting, and it’s amazing how much that affects one’s overall, i dunno, life. seriously–it affects EVerything. i’m so sorry that you’re not feeling great. i think you look fabulous in your ensembles (i especially love those greenish-grey shes in the first pic–LOVE them), but i know what you mean about not being into something. good luck; i wouldn’t worry about doing it if it’s just not working in your life right now. hope youget feeling better!

  5. Elle

    yes yes yes! i have at least three of those photos in my “wardrobe inspiration” folder on my desktop. great minds think alike? 🙂

    i totally get your funk, girl. heck, i didn’t even post an outfit today because of mine. you’re one up on me.

  6. Getting dressed every day and looking perky in pics is harder than you’d think – but I’m loving your green booties!

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