My back hurts

Gap sweater. Fossil shirt. Anthro skirt. Drugstore tights. Sock Dreams socks. Doc Marten Boots.  Monocle necklace.

It really does.

So I was thinking, what if I included 3 more pairs of shoes this time around just to wear my Frye boots every. single. day? Ha. Wouldn’t that be funny? I skyped with Bethany earlier and she was threatening to burn them when we arrive in Montreal later this month. Aaaand now I plan on wearing them harder. Take that, Bethany!

Okay, FINE.

Anyway, not much to say today. My back hurts (I was helping the boys put on their shoes and suddenly…FIRE) and I’m feeling kind of down, like I’m not good enough, not smart enough, etc. Even when I’m trying to be serious I cannot write anything vaguely serious ever, apparently. Le sigh.



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5 responses to “My back hurts

  1. Are those stipes hiding under your sweater? I like the mix of patterns and textures you have going on. I hope your back gets better soon, back pain is the worse. If the pain is still around you should try those thermacare heat packs because they are awesome.

    • Jen

      Yeah, I’m wearing a striped shirt underneath. 🙂 And heat packs are indeed awesome! We have a heated massager around here somewhere, have to find it.

  2. You’re good enough! You’re smart enough! And, doggone it, people LIKE you!

    (Also, you have broken a sacred trust here, Jennifart!)

  3. Sorry your back hurts, but that monocle necklace must distract you with the giggles a little bit at least, yes? At least I’m giggling over here, TOO FUN. You look adorable 🙂

  4. Elle

    i love the print on that skirt, and those boots punk it up just enough. i’m sorry your back hurts! i still get leftover pain from waitressing in mine all the time 😦 heat pads and law and order should do the trick!

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